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    Top 8 Time Management Tips To Hack Productivity 

    Time_Management_Tips_Hack_ProductivityAmongst the hectic schedules and infinite demands of modern life, we often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything we need to done. This pressure has resulted in many self-aware individuals seeking ways to save time throughout their day. Some of this is relevant to work life, some to home life, but all time management hacks end up with you being more productive while you work and having more ‘me-time’ as a result. Every office in the world wants their staff to be as productive as possible, so get ahead of your colleagues and enjoy unprecedented levels of success without doing any extra work yourself.  Here are my top 8 time management tips to hack productivity.

    1. Plan Your Day With An Organizer

    Putting pen to paper and writing down everything you need to do in a day can make you more committed to getting it all done, as well as really hitting home how much there is and how long it will take. Using an organizer can help you plan what you will do and when, which helps you prioritize, focus, and manage your time effectively.

    2. Know When To Outsource

    There are certain tasks in business that just don’t fall into everyone’s specific skill set or experience. One of these tasks is often writing, whether it’s a business proposal, a speech, or even web content. To boost your confidence and ensure the best quality possible of the work you’ve produced, you can place an order online to have your piece reviewed by a professional at UK Writings. If you’re not able to send work product out to a professional, then you can review it yourself quickly and effectively using online tools, rather than spending hours agonizing over your text. These online tools include the Hemingway App which can detect spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as too many adverbs, or overly complicated sentences. You can also make sure that your text is not too difficult or too simple by using Readability Score.

    If you want to prepare before you start writing then there are some amazing tips and tricks available in free guides with Australian Help which could inspire you before you start typing. If writing is becoming an increasingly important role in your work, then it could be time to commit to a full writing course, such as the one offered by Academized.

    3. Make A Time Limit For Every Task and Stick To The Limit

    Many of us get caught up in e-mails or running late as we’re striving for perfection. The truth is that sometimes we drag out something boring while we procrastinate, and this eats into our time for other tasks. Be reasonable in your time limits, but do your best to stick with them.

    4. Take Some Time Off Overtime

    While some people believe that working late makes them better employees – which may sometimes be the case, sometimes it actually makes you less productive. If you’ve accepted that you’ll be leaving work late, then you’re less motivated to speed up and get everything you need to done by 5. Try aiming to be out of the door by five for a week or so, and you may be surprised at what you can accomplish in one day.

    5. Stay Focused

    Some of us are constantly trying to do five things at once. Trying to get through five tasks, we may feel like we’re accomplishing more, but we’re actually not at all. Focusing all of our attention on one thing means that we can do it quickly and do it well. Put a stop to multi-tasking and give undivided attention a try.

    6. Get Rid Of Distractions

    Being constantly surrounded by technology is one of the biggest contributing factors to low productivity. If your phone is constantly going off, it’s time to switch it off. Close Facebook, sign out of your emails, do whatever you need to in order to achieve a clear mind and uninterrupted thoughts.

    7. Prioritize And Delegate

    While you might be used to doing everything all by yourself and all in one go, this is not the most productive way to work, and it is certainly not the most productive office environment. Figure out what’s important and do that first while you have plenty of time and energy, knowing that you can whizz through the less important tasks later. Delegate to – the most productive teams share the weight, so stop trying to do everything yourself, as you’re actually holding yourself back.

    8. Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

    Saying no to work you know you don’t have time for is better for you, and better for the work that needs to be done. It ensures that you don’t end up with too much to handle, and also means that the work will be done in time, by someone who is free. By having a cut-off point, for your working day, for meetings, or for lunches, you ensure that nothing drags on and you don’t fall behind later.

    While working hard is always going to be the most important aspect of productivity, following the above steps helps your hard work become much more effective.



    Sharon Conwell has been a content manager and ghost writer at over 20 online projects, now she is a part-time educator and an editor at Big Assignments. She’s specializing in content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby.


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    12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Must-Have Skills for 2017 

    What are the eight must-have skills for executive and administrative assistants for today? As you enter into 2017, be sure you are equipped with this top-notch skill set. Joan also talks about one bonus skill, tune in to see what it is.

    We invite you to watch the webinar replay: Must-Have Skills for 2017

    Webinar Resources & Follow-up Links

    Download the Webinar Handout: Must Have Skills For 2017

    Download the Chat Archive: Day 10 Chat Archive 12 Days

    Download Your Certificate of Attendance: Certificate-Of-Attendance-Must Have Skills


    Bonus Resources

    Resilience Article by Joan Burge (Executive Secretary Magazine)

    The Revolutionary Assistant Article by Joan Burge (Executive Secretary Magazine)

    Reminder to check out the Focus Video Links Joan talked about in Day 1.

    Watch the documentary Paper Clips (Shared by Michelle P.)

    Revolutionary Assistant Printable for Your Desk: REVOLUTIONARY-HANDOUT-Office-Dynamics

    Dr. Daren Martin, book, A Company of Owners

    In the chat attendees were also talk about Slack, Microsoft Lynch, Skype for Business, Jabber and more!

    Special Offers

    To redeem this offer, simply add this item to your shopping cart and the price will be reduced! No coupon code necessary.


    Catch up with all the 12 Days of Christmas Webinars

    1. Get Things Done & Control Your Day
    2. Goal Setting & Branding Yourself for 2017
    3. Question & Answer with administrative expert, Joan Burge
    4. The Accelerated Assistant
    5. Riding the Wave of Change
    6. Live Your BIG Life in 2017
    7. The Organized Admin Book Interview with Julie Perrine
    8. Building a Strong (Star) Partnership with Your Boss
    9. Strategies for Being a World Class Assistant


    We would love to hear from you. How are you enjoying this webinar series? Also, Joan asked in this webinar, how are you going to grow in the area of collaboration in 2017? Share in the comments below.

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    10 Ways You Can Get Control Of Your Day 


    I hope you are doing well this second Monday of December. I’ve been having a jolly time hosting daily webinars that started December 1 as a part of our 12 Days of Christmas this year. Office Dynamics is celebrating this month of giving by presenting free 30-minute webinars for 12 business days in a row. That’s a pretty heavy duty schedule but I’m having a blast. My partner-in-crime, Jasmine Freeman and I are making these webinars educational and festive. Each day we think of something new to surprise our attendees plus give away some great gifts such as on-line learning and conferences on demand. The response from our attendees has been tremendous.

    Since this is the busy season I thought I would give you my 10 quick tips from the December 1 webinar

    Ten Ways To Get Control Of Your Day

    1. Early in the day, clarify your top 5 priorities for the day. Priorities can quickly change from the time you left work until the next morning. Many managers work in the evening and even hold conference calls which can easily change the priorities for the next day.
    2. Focus on the task at hand. Truly commit to focusing on the current task, email, call, assignment or conversation. You will be so much more productive and less tired at the end of the work day.
    3. Neutralize information overload. We are bombarded with information. It not only shows up in our email and on our Facebook pages but we seek it out! You do not have to read every single thing or be on Facebook every day.
    4. Ask others for specific deadlines. By when do they need the work they are assigning you? This will help you place this new task in proper priority with your other duties.
    5. Recognize the time of day you are most productive. Are you a morning person? Or late morning person? Try to schedule the most challenging or thought-provoking tasks when you are your best. You will move through the assignment much quicker and probably do a better job.
    6. Search for alternatives; a simpler, faster way. As you go through your day, ask yourself, “How can I streamline this process? How can I get this done faster? Make this easier? Can I delegate this to someone else? Can I totally eliminate this from my to do list?”
    7. Establish some quiet time throughout the day. You should take 5 – 10 minutes around mid-afternoon to review your work load, regroup in your own mind and reorganize your priorities. Do not feel guilty taking some time for this. You will mentally jump back to work refreshed and feeling like you know where you are heading the rest of the afternoon.
    8. Delegate (at work and at home). Especially during this busy year-end and holiday season you need to delegate wherever possible. Partners and children at home can certainly jump in. Once again, do not feel guilty for delegating.
    9. Organize your workspace. This is a great time of year to organize your workspace and digital files. It feels so good to get rid of clutter. You will be ready to go when you start up work in early January.
    10. Plan ahead. At the end of the day, take a few minutes to plan for your next day. It’s also a good idea on a Friday to look at your upcoming week. What is on your schedule at home and at work? What do you need to do to prepare for that upcoming week? Are there conflicting appointments? Do you need assistance with personal errands? Are you going on vacation and need to put a hold on your newspaper? What will your executive need to be prepared for next week’s meeting?


    If you can spare 15 – 30 minutes this week, you may want to jump on one of our webinars and get motivated for your day! Attendees have also told me it’s a great break from their mundane tasks. Register to attend.

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    12 Days of Christmas Webinars: Get Things Done & Control Your Day 

    Escape the holiday overwhelm and join us for a quick and fun webinar. In this webinar we kick-off our special event, the 12 Days of Christmas. This event includes a free webinar each business day, a deeply discounted special offer, fun surprises and giveaway items, and lots of holiday cheer.


    Here are all the downloads and links associated with our program.


    Get Things Done Webinar Replay


    Important Webinar Links

    Additional Get Things Done Resources

    Are you interested in more on how to get organized to help you get things done and control your day? Join our webinar with Julie Perrine on December 9.



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    Opposites Attract: 3 Benefits of Having 2 Bosses In The Workplace 


    Having two bosses can sometimes feel like a good cop/bad cop situation if they’re not on the same page or if they employ different styles of leadership. That might be effective in accomplishing their goals, but it’s not always the best approach for keeping employees happy and productive. But having two founders at the top doesn’t always mean chaos or mixed messages. With the right dynamic, it can create a rich, creative environment for employees.

    It would be easy to let our founders speak for themselves about the dynamic of a partnership leading the way at Huemor, the UX agency we work at. They have clearly-defined roles (Mike handles new business, Jeff runs creative and production), they make decisions, hires, and investments together, and they’ve got a singular goal for the future of Huemor. All in all, they’re making it work and we keep growing. And most of our 16 person team has been around since almost the beginning (when Mike and Jeff were working out of a family member’s basement), new clients are constantly coming aboard, and projects are getting bigger and sexier.

    But that’s the easy way. The better way — the juicier way — is from our perspective as employees who report to Mike and Jeff. That’s where the good stuff is. In fact, sometimes it’s not unlike trying to get Dad to say yes to something Mom already said no to, like when whoever’s going on the beer run is angling to fill the fridge with a specific brew — Jeff likes Sam Adams and Brooklyn, Mike likes Blue Point and Shipyard; they’re both always willing to hand over their company card.

    Beyond employee happy hours, their partnership drives the way we work. So it makes sense to show you two benefits of that and, just to be transparent, one challenge.

    Two Bosses Can Bring Balance

    First, it’s nice to have two bosses because there’s a built-in safety net. Their roles balance the needs of the business, so even at our busiest times, we’re not letting anything slip through the cracks. Two sets of eyes are better than one when keeping watch and they’ve learned to support one another in a way that they can put their full focus into their halves of the business. It leads to better direction for employees, more thorough attention to detail in our work, and peace of mind for our clients.

    The Benefit of Multiple Perspectives

    Second, Mike and Jeff have fairly different personalities. Mike likes to say they’ve been married longer than Jeff and his wife have been, and there are times it shows. They don’t bicker, but they certainly bring different perspectives to the table, drawn both from their instincts and their experience. One of our mantras in the office (which literally hangs on the wall) is “Encourage dissenting opinions: discussion is good.” Different perspectives intersecting make our work more creative and more memorable so having two bosses who challenge us and each other works out surprisingly well.

    It’s Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

    If I made it sound like it was all glitter and cheer, I’d probably be lying. So I won’t. It’s worth mentioning that there are times they can drive one another crazy (frankly: not always a bad thing, from the perspective of an underling…). Jeff tends to be happiest when the office is focused and, ya know, getting stuff done. Mike’s never happier than when he’s riding around on a scooter distracting everyone and keeping things light. Deadlines are deadlines and they’re certainly a force to be respected, but sometimes a distraction is exactly what’s needed. Other times, when you’re in the zone, you don’t want to be derailed. Putting on headphones and ignoring the boss probably isn’t the best advice for everyone, but it’s ok around here. Like the best relationships, it’s a give-and-take between Mike and Jeff and between them and everyone else: they challenge us and we challenge them.

    As the holidays approach, we’re wrapping up our biggest year yet. Something must be going right.

    Author Bio: Pete Shelly is a digital strategist at Huemor. Follow Huemor on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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