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    Give Yourself Permission to Live a BIG Life 

    admin_trainingDo you take care of others and have nothing left for you? Has life kicked you with a wallop or two and you wonder if you’re woman (or man) enough to get up and get going again?

    Women juggle so much. We keep a mile-long list of must-dos; want to be there for everybody even when we can’t! Many women care for young children and aging parents at the same time. Women juggle pregnancy with job deadlines and soccer schedules. Mature women handle adult children who boomerang home following messy divorces, layoffs or post-bubble economic meltdowns. Parents are living into their 80s and 90s, and frequently daughters are their caregivers. These are awesome challenges. So what is a woman to do?


    When I say BIG life, I mean the breadth, depth, and quality of your life; not the number of years you live or the number of material belongings you acquire. As someone who watched her husband battle pancreatic cancer at the young age of 57 and pass away at age 60, I know firsthand that your life can change in a heartbeat. Material belongings really don’t complete us as human beings. Don’t get me wrong as I love my beautiful home, going on wonderful vacations and enjoying lovely dinners with my friends. However, there is much more to life. There is more we can do to add depth and breadth to our life.

    A BIG Life is supported by 5 Pillars: Career, Family, Financial, Spiritual, and Wellness. Career includes women who manage their households, caregivers and retirees. Family includes good friends, neighbors, and pets.

    While these Pillars stand alone, they are interwoven. For example: Financial fitness keeps stress at bay thus impacting the Wellness Pillar. Career impacts the Financial Pillar which means you can maintain your home, take care of your family and support a local cause. When we are spiritually connected, we operate at a higher level and experience more meaningful relationships. Being connected to family is essential to a happy and healthy life. Taking care of our bodies and fueling them with the right foods or activity trigger the “happy” endorphins which stimulate creative thinking and help manage stress.

    I’ve been a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, career woman, wife and now, widow. I have learned that women need to lead themselves in each Pillar and as they do, they will become an inspiration to the people around them. They will become role models, mentors, and encouragers to those they love—their children, spouse, parents, friends and neighbors. These Pillars are rarely in balance. The idea is to give equal attention to each Pillar over time—such as a month or a year. When our Pillars are intact, our life feels balanced.

    Here are some things you need to do to expand your BIG Life:

    1. Make time for yourself without GUILT!! Women are great at giving to and doing for others. And they do it really well. We must make time for ourselves or we will burn ourselves out. If you really love your family and friends, you will take care of yourself.
    1. Are you living a BUSY life instead of a BIG Life? All of us are very busy people—running errands, taking kids to their sports’ practices, going to parties, shopping, donating our time to a charity, working out at the gym and socializing. This seems to be especially true living in Las Vegas where there is so much to do and we have great weather.

      Women get caught in the “hamster wheel” syndrome. Did you ever see a hamster run around their wheel? They run and run and think they are getting somewhere—and they are going nowhere. Do you ever feel like that? Well, we look like that sometimes. We run and run but aren’t getting anywhere or doing anything of significance.


    “Living a BIG Life is not about a perfect life; it is about living the life that is right for you!”


    1. Put your Red Lipstick ON! I love wearing red lipstick and have worn it for many years. I just feel good when I put it on. But in 2007, when my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, red lipstick became more than something I applied to my lips. It became my personal mantra to muster up every bit of courage and energy that I could. It was empowering. So now whenever I have a big project to tackle or feel overwhelmed, I tell myself, “Red Lipstick ON!” While you might never wear red lipstick, you can still say Red Lipstick ON! to yourself when you feel stressed, overwhelmed or need to gather extra energy.
    1. Choose wellness to support an energy-infused life. I think the Wellness Pillar is one of the most critical because it truly impacts the other 4 Pillars. If you don’t feel good or lack energy, you can’t enjoy family and friends. If you are tired or run down, you won’t feel like dealing with finances. You can become spiritually depleted and it will affect your career.

    Each woman is destined for greatness and for the grand adventure to live a fearless, fully functional life! I hope that you will step out and be all you were meant to be.

    Please pass this on to all the women in your life.

    Joan Burge

    Wherever you are in life, whatever your age or marital status, Joan’s story will lift your spirit and motivate you to reach for your dreams despite any obstacle or barrier.

    Get Your Copy Today!

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    What’s Your One Word Mantra for 2018? 

    MantraIt’s amazing the power one word can have! It was proven to me January of 2017, I decided instead of writing a bunch of goals, I would select one word to be the overarching umbrella of everything I wanted to achieve in 2017. My word was “abundance.” I scribbled this in big letters on an 8 /12 x 11 sheet of paper and then wrote words all around it. Where did I want abundance to show up in my life? Some of my words were: learning, energy, gratitude, business, fun, warmth, generosity, and laughter.

    I posted this in my office at home, which I go in just about every day. So I kept feeding this one word into my subconscious on a regular basis. Amazingly, when you put something in your subconscious, your subconscious works to seek things out in line with what you placed there. It works! This is not the first time I’ve seen this happen in my life. I have purchased homes I wanted, wrote books I envisioned in my head and made vacations become my reality.

    For 2018, my word is “grow.” The words I wrote around “grow” are:

    • Knowledge (I have so much more to learn.)
    • Relationships (I have many awesome relationships and want to expand that area of my life.)
    • Wellness (I am healthy and strong and I want to continue to grow that area. I need to build muscle strength and balance. As we get older, we have to be very careful about balance.)
    • Friendships (I don’t need a ton of friends; I only need a few really great friends. I have a few now and would like to add a few more.)
    • Business relationships (To be successful in business, work, and our careers, we must have a vast network to access.)
    • Love (I want to grow in showing love, care and compassion to others.
    • My gifts! I have been blessed with a special gift that I have been using for 27 years—inspiring others to be their very best. And I have other gifts to uncover. SO DO YOU!
    • Forgiveness (There is always room for improvement in this area.)
    • Family connections (I have a huge, close, wonderful family. Yet there are cousins and relatives I have not stayed in touch with and want to do so. They feed my soul.)
    • Spiritual (My spiritual pillar is very important to me. I definitely need to commit time to this area for reflection, attending service, reading my Bible, and being involved in my wonderful church.

    So, what is your word going to be for 2018? Looking at the big picture of this year, what do you want to happen? What do you want to call forth into your life? If you don’t plan it, then life will throw you wherever it wants. That is not to say your life will be perfect and you won’t hit barriers. But you must set the stage for positivity in your life.

    Facebook Friday—Fast, Five Minutes, Focused, and Fun!

    On Friday, January 12, I started something new called Facebook Friday. I thought it would be great to provide our fans with some words of inspiration as they wrap up their week. Or I may share an “aha” I had for the week or something new I learned by being out in the field.

    My plan is to go live on Fridays around 10:00 am PT just for about 5 minutes. (Unless I’m training, on vacation, or spending special time with my grandkids).

    In closing, you can “bookend your week with me” by reading Monday Motivators to kick off your week and ending your crazy, busy week with me on Facebook Friday to ease into your weekend.

    Take care and make it a great week.

    P.S. If you would like more information like this delivered to your inbox, you’re going to want to Sign Up for Monday Motivators!

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    Would you feel comfortable taking a ‘well day’? 


    Each month we feature a question from our friends at Business Management Daily’s Admin Pro Forum. Please enjoy engaging in a conversation over this month’s question.

    Question: “Once or twice a year, I wake up and just really, really don’t feel like going to work. But it feels like the system is set up to make us lie about our absences if they’re not illness-related or scheduled well in advance. Does anyone work in a place where you feel free to tell your boss, ‘Not today, sorry, it’s been rough recently and I need a mental health break?’ How often do other admins escape for a day, and do they feel the need to be less than honest about it?” – Jane, Departmental Aide

    Comment below and send your own question to editor@adminprotoday.com.

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    7 Tips for Coming Down the Home Stretch 


    Welcome to November—the 11th month of 2017! With just less than two months to go, how are you going to wrap them up? Are you going to fizzle out as the weeks pass or are you going out with a bang? Do you feel like you are running out of steam or taking one big, deep last breath to push through the next eight weeks?

    Many of you might be thinking, “Thank goodness this year is over. It was a horrible year; a stressful year; a depressing year.”  Yet look around and most of us are still standing. We dealt with the challenges that were presented to us. We might not have liked them but we handled them. Some people who lost their jobs actually ended up in better positions. Businesses have become stronger because they worked leaner and smarter. Communities like Las Vegas and San Antonio that have been struck by huge tragedies, are closer and prouder than ever before.

    Here are some ideas for the first week of November:

    1. Take inventory of your accomplishments and make sure you document them so you have them ready for your annual review or your success book!
    1. Mend broken relationships. It does no good to hold grudges. You can be the bigger person by taking the first step.
    1. Look at your calendar between now and year-end. Consider your commitments, schedules, things you need to do, holiday events, and block necessary time to reduce stress.
    1. Make a training wish list for next year and plan how you will persuade your executive to support you.
    1. Request a strategy meeting with your executive to discuss their goals for the next two months. What do they need to get accomplished and how can you help achieve those goals?
    1. Take advantage of any unused vacation or plan a personal day to organize your personal life before the holidays arrive.
    1. With the holidays coming, it is more important than ever that you exercise and get good rest. If you are going to finish 2017 with a bang, you must have mental and physical energy.

    If you can picture a horse race, many of the horses start out close together in the race but as they go around the track and increase their distance, only a few stretch out in front. Then as the race progresses, often two horses are running neck and neck but only one wins the race—and sometimes just by a nose.

    What’s the analogy to people? The majority of the population started out on equal ground in January, then as the race got more challenging, some people fell back, lost their wind and slowed down. As the year comes to end and we come down the home stretch, are you still ahead in the race?  Do you have the stamina to go the distance? I hope so as the next eight weeks should be filled with enthusiasm as we see the year come to an end and we eagerly greet 2018!

    Let’s do it!

    Joan Burge


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    12 Strategies To Help You Cope With Change 


    As I’m sitting here on Friday afternoon catching my breath from a very busy week and working on my speeches for our Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, I am reminded how change is more prevalent than ever in our lives. In the past week, I have personally been through lots of changes; my staff has gone through changes; family and good friends of mine are experiencing change; and the world is changing every day. I’m not saying they are necessarily bad changes. In fact, I have been experiencing some wonderful, good changes. The idea is . . . it’s still change.

    I have been speaking on Thriving on Change or Optimizing Change for 27 years. Most of what I have said about “change” has NOT changed. I still use all the strategies I am sharing with you today and they all have worked in good times and in really horrible times.

    Change is a part of life. If you do not learn to cope with it, you will be swallowed up by the wave of change. Below are specific strategies to help you cope. You may find that some strategies work better than others depending on the particular situation. Try them all. They are effective.


    • Guess where things are going, if you can.
    • Keep your ears and eyes open. Know what is going on around you at work, in your community, with your family.
    • Pay attention to national events, trends and current news. These could affect your employer’s industry, your profession, and your job.


    • Gather relevant information. Stay Informed.
    • Make specific plans for the upcoming changes so you feel more in control. Be active, not passive.
    • Play out various scenarios on paper. “If this happens, I will do…”


    • How do you feel about this change? Why do you think you feel that way?
    • What happens to you physically when you think about this change? Do you tense up or feel a burst of energy?
    • How this change, whether self-initiated or not, will impact the 5 BIG Life Pillars: career, family, financial, spiritual and wellness. (Or which of these Pillars might the change impact the most?)


    • Imagine yourself in the new situation. See yourself positively on the other side of the change.
    • With change comes both danger and opportunity. See both, but focus on the opportunity.


    • Don’t fight change that is inevitable.
    • Be flexible.
    • Get on with your life; don’t procrastinate.
    • Do something that makes you feel good, something that gives you a sense of achievement.
    • Learn to adapt as quickly as you can.

    Get Support

    • Share your feelings with a trusted friend or family member; someone who will let you cry or laugh, and who will listen. People can’t always give you the answers, but if they really listen, sometimes that is help enough.
    • Look for someone who will encourage you, who can lift you up, inspire you and spur you on.
    • Read inspirational and motivational materials.
    • If people offer to run errands or help in some other way, be open to assistance.
    • Seek spiritual support.

    Hang Tough

    Visualize yourself with your feet dug deep in the sand while waves of change come over you. They get stronger and the wind blows harder. Finally, the calm comes and you are still standing. You have survived the storm of change.

    • Be resilient.
    • Don’t play the “victim” card. Say, “I am a victor over my circumstances.”
    • As Robert Schuller says, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Tell yourself that you are strong and you will endure.

    Go Easy On Yourself

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself when you are feeling down or can’t adapt as quickly as you had hoped.
    • Catch yourself doing things well and reward yourself.
    • Take care of yourself. Enjoy outside interests and relationships.
    • Focus on what’s the best thing to do right now. Don’t think about everything that has to be done.

    Keep The Best Of The Old

    • Try not to make several changes at once. In other words, don’t change careers, move and get married (or divorced) all at once.
    • Cherish the good things or people in your life as you move through change.

    Keep a Gratitude Journal

    • Whether you are going through good or bad change, keep a gratitude journal on your nightstand. Each night before going to sleep, take two or three minutes and write about the things and people for which you are grateful. Even in the worst of times, you will find several things for which you are thankful.
    • Purchase all types of journals; make journaling fun.
    • Look At Change As An Opportunity To Grow
    • Tell yourself, “I am just stretching right now.”
    • Be confident that you will return to your old comfort zone or you will find a new one.
    • Tell yourself, “I have all the skills required to succeed.”

    Purposely Change

    • Make small changes occasionally to become more comfortable with change. Take a different route to work, change your seat at the dinner table, or sleep on the other side of the bed.
    • If you have children, create small changes with them so they will learn to cope with change more easily.

    How we respond to change is our choice. Sometimes at first, we respond with shock and immediate loss of hope. The important thing is to take comfort in that you can get grounded and actually make change work to your benefit.

    Wishing you a great week!

    Joan Burge

    “Change is not the enemy, but rather a constant force that occurs every day to shape the future and things to come.” – Peter R. Gerber

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