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    Lessons Learned at UPS: Keep Calm and Carry On 

    2:11 p.m.

    I went to the UPS office to ship a small package before 3:00 p.m. which was the last pick up of the day. One woman was being waited on and there were two other people in front of me. However, the counter clerk appeared efficient, so I assumed the line would move quickly.

    Assumptions can be dangerous.

    The woman being waited on said she didn’t want to send her package through UPS. She just wanted to know what it would cost so she could compare it to other services. The employee was trying to determine a price but needed to enter information into the computer to be accurate. She didn’t have the information he needed and became irritated at him. Still trying to help her, he Facetimed with his supervisor. The supervisor couldn’t fix it, so he called a technician who promised to be at the store within ten minutes.

    At this point, the woman chastised the employee, said she didn’t understand why he couldn’t understand what she was saying and stormed out of the store.

    2:31 p.m.

    Next customer. This man gave the UPS clerk a package sealed in a United States Postal Service (USPS) envelope. The clerk explained that it couldn’t be sent in a USPS envelope from a UPS office as they were two different organizations. Clearly irritated, he began to give the worker a hard time. Once again, calm, polite and patient, the UPS man tried to find a solution and asked the customer if he had ever sent anything from UPS before. This way, he explained, he could look the account up in the computer and see what he could do. The customer responded, “let’s just pretend I have.” More explaining from the clerk. More defiance from the customer.

    2:50 p.m.

    Enter the UPS delivery man. He came to collect packages for his final pick up of the day. The woman in front of me interrupted the man in front of her to ask the clerk if she could get her package onto the truck. I said I had also come early to make sure my package went out today.

    The defiant customer turned toward me and exclaimed “are you blaming me for the delay?” Not wanting to end up as a post on social media that might go viral, I calmly said I wasn’t blaming anyone and just wanted to get my package out. The insolent customer muttered something to the clerk and stormed out of the store. The clerk thanked her for coming.

    Two down. One to go.

    3:04 p.m.

    The woman in front of me was returning a pair of shoes. Easy. I’d be waited on in no time. So, I thought. She originally purchased the shoes in a size 7 she told the clerk. Those were too small she continued, so she ordered them in an 8. They were shipped to her boyfriend’s house in another state, but her boyfriend broke up with her. She thought he loved her, but it turned out he has mental problems. He’s a mental health counselor, but in her opinion, he is the one who needs counseling. Anyway, she continued explaining to the UPS person behind the counter, she’s returning the size 8 because she thinks they are too big, but she’s not sure. They fit correctly at the toe, but her heels kept popping out. She wants to make sure that the return package shows her address and not the ex-boyfriend’s address.

    3:12 p.m.

    She also wrote a note explaining the situation that she’s included in the package. Would he like to hear it? Well, she’ll read it to him to see what he thinks. When she was done, she asked him if he thought it sounded okay. He nodded.

    At this point, I wasn’t sure whether I was really awake, or I was having a bad dream.

    3:22 p.m.

    The delivery driver returns. The shoe woman leaves. My turn. The clerk asks me if I’ve ever shipped from UPS before. I reply, “let’s pretend I have.” Not understanding my attempt at humor, I provided the information he needed, and he quickly completed the transaction.

    3:29 p.m.

    More than one hour later, I finally leave the store.

    Talking does not equal communication. Yet, many of us provide too many details, tend to over-explain, send long wordy emails and deliver hour long presentations that could have been presented in fifteen minutes. The results, especially at work, could be significant.

    If you’re not fully attentive, you may miss an email with important information. If you’re too busy talking and not listening, you may botch an important deal. If you’re too long winded, you could blow a job interview because you’re rambling, instead of making key points. Besides, according to author Joseph McCormack, our brains can’t handle it.

    McCormack says the human brain has the capacity to absorb 750 words per minute, but the average person can only speak 150 words per minute. That means an extra 600 words are floating around in there which gives us more time to tune out and get bored. So, if we’re chastising a worker, babbling to a clerk or taking too long to get to the point, chances are that person isn’t really hearing us.

    What’s the fix?

    Time Testing

    In our programs, we challenge people to present information in different time increments. For example, if their presentation is thirty minutes, we ask them to deliver it in thirty, twenty and even ten minutes. The results are typically astounding. Speakers start honing in on what’s important, eliminate unnecessary details and command attention for longer periods of time.

    Hit the Headline

    Since attention spans start dwindling after ten seconds, it’s important to grab attention as soon as you speak. Like a great headline that draws you in, your first few words should do the same. Make your most important point as soon as you start talking.


    There are many reasons people ramble including nerves, trying to impress and being unsure of how to draw others out. In business however, we observe the lack of preparation techniques. That’s not to say people don’t prepare. They do. But, instead of trying to cram ten pounds of information into a two-pound bag, learning how to effectively use message models will help even the most seasoned presenters condense information.

    Back to the UPS office. Perhaps the real communication lesson learned is from the UPS clerk. Attentive, calm, resourceful and patient. He was also outwardly non-judgmental, which is difficult when people appear hostile. He showed us that it’s important to take all kinds of communication seriously, but not personally. He barely talked. He just listened, which signals he understood their frustration even if he couldn’t fix the problem to their satisfaction.

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    Things Assistants Do That Executives Appreciate 


    I am very fortunate in that I get to read fabulous letters from executives touting the behavior changes they see in their executive or administrative assistants after attending our Star Achievement Series® course. I love reading these letters as 1) I see the training we provided truly worked, but more importantly, 2) I learn what executives appreciate—what executives look for in an assistant—and what executives value and observe.


    Recently I have read more than 40 executive letters. These executive letters are one of the requirements for a Star Achievement Series® participant to receive their CEAP (Certified Executive Administrative Professional) designation.

    (Watch Joan present the top 12 during her Facebook Friday video, 12/7/2018)

    Ask yourself the following questions then compare it to the bulleted list below:

    1. Do I do this for my executive?
    2. If you answered “yes” to #1, ask yourself, “How often do I do this?” (This is an important question.)
    3. If you answered “no” to #1, then you might want to incorporate this behavior or habit into your routine.
    • Very aware of organizational priorities
    • Asks me key questions so I can better prepare for my meetings
    • More confidence when addressing conflict in a way that leverages relationships
    • Cultivates professional networks that help us accomplish our goals
    • Speaks up in my team meetings and has brought additional insights into our group forums that are highly valued
    • Open to feedback—productive and enjoyable
    • Takes the initiative and has the comfort level to proactively review documents in preparation for my meetings
    • Reviews my inbox for information that is timely and necessary
    • Truly wants to understand the business for her own learning to better engage and to help me get in front of things
    • More actively takes on a leadership role
    • Ensures we have clarity on meeting objectives, participating actively to ensure we make decisions, and leaving the door open for all participants to weigh in
    • More focus on prompting leaders to ensure critical team meetings occur
    • Increased confidence: more vocal, more influential and exudes a stronger presence with those she works with
    • Has become more inquisitive on my expectations, allowing both of us to think more strategically on where I spend my time and how we approach projects
    • Seeks me out to make sure we are on the same page regarding topics ranging from scheduling to organizational strategy
    • 100% accountable for his (the assistant) actions
    • Chooses the right medium of communication for impact
    • Actively prioritizes around critical deliverables and is always available and flexible
    • Communicates effectively while resolving problems with little to no direction from me
    • Proactive in selecting work that was better suited for her and me, so that both of us were more successful
    • Stands up for herself more often so that others do not take advantage of her accommodating personality
    • Always proactively planning for me thus reducing my set up and pre-coordination time of events
    • Ability to roll with the punches
    • Big picture thinker, looking for opportunities for us to gain efficiency and share best practices
    • Addresses his workload with a greater degree of proficiency and efficiency
    • My assistant looks at my calendar weeks away and helps me think about the time needed to complete projects or get ready for presentations
    • After meetings, my assistant follows up with me to see what “to do” I have from the meeting, if I need a follow-up meeting or if I need to send a recap of the meeting to attendees. This proactive thinking helps me stay ahead.
    • Leverages technology to help me stay organized
    • Relentless enthusiasm and truly wants to make a difference
    • Taken on the task of creating presentations for me or the team
    • Consciously adjusts communication style when addressing various leaders
    • Motivates and encourages peers
    • Manages peace and harmony; dealing with constant distractions daily
    • Takes networking skills very seriously, encouraging teamwork and collaboration throughout our organization
    • Completes assignments quickly and accurately
    • Takes the initiative to converse with me about the expectations and objectives and (she) will give regular feedback on how she is progressing
    • Helps me more with my exchanges of information with my peers
    • Leans in to better understand the whys behind decisions
    • Shows an eagerness to take on stretch assignments
    • Proactively solves problems
    • Appropriately assertive
    • Enables my success by staying two steps ahead
    • Proactively puts together documents for upcoming meetings
    • Takes swift action when given a deliverable
    • Effectively manages my calendar with efficiency in mind
    • Collaborates and communicates with the team without specific direction from me
    • Solution oriented in gathering information or data for an upcoming deliverable
    • (more) Strategic: developing more long-term and process planning to better support the overall operations, team and his actual role

    The Star Achievement Series® is the most comprehensive live training course for administrative and executive assistants. This course is only taught onsite. We offer several options ranging from our trainers coming onsite to having your staff certified to teach the program. If you are interested in learning more about this robust program, you can all 800-STAR-139 or visit https://officedynamics.com/star-achievement-series/

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    Administrative Training Sources – Friends of Office Dynamics 

    We recently posted a blog that listed free training sources we provide;

    6 Free Training Sources for Administrative and Executive Assistants

    At Office Dynamics, it is our goal to elevate the level of the administrative profession through knowledge and training but that got us thinking, “What else can we do?”

    So, we are going to provide you with links to some of our friends that you can use for your professional and personal life.




    Word Trippers – Barbara McNichol

    Barbara and Office Dynamics have been working together to help improve the ability of the administrative and executive assistant with Barbara’s writing expertise.

    Barbara provides several different resources for you to enhance your writing ability and take you to the next level. Please visit her site and learn how you can improve your writing skills.

    Visit Word Trippers



    All Things Admin – Julie Perrine

    Julie Perrine is another affiliate of Office Dynamics that we just love to have around.

    Julie’s printed books, The Innovative Admin, The Organized Admin, and Become a Procedures Pro can be found in our Success Store.

    Another great source of information and knowledge!

    Visit All Things Admin


    Executive Secretary Magazine– Lucy Brazier

    With a history of cross-promotion, the Executive Secretary Magazine and Office Dynamics team have been working very hard to encourage the administrative field with forward progress and thinking.

    Lucy has a database of blogs, information, and education.

    Visit The Executive Secretary


    Admin to Admin – Lisa Olsen

    Lisa Olsen is not only the CEO of Admin to Admin but also the talented and entertaining emcee of multiple Office Dynamics Conferences.

    Admin to Admin offers a large selection of programs to learn from as well as the Admin to Admin Book Club!

    You would be missing out if you didn’t visit!

    Visit Admin to Admin


    AdminUniverse™ – Joanne Linden

    Joanne Linden is President and Master Trainer at AdminUniverse™ as well as an authorized user and training facilitator for the Star Achievement Series® created by Joan Burge, founder and CEO, of Office Dynamics International. We are very privileged to call Joanne and AdminUniverse™ our friends!

    AdminUniverse™ offers a great blog for admins to pull extensive knowledge from.

    Be sure to visit their website!

    Visit AdminUniverse™




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    High Fives at an Administrative Assistant Conference 


    An administrative assistant conference is best measured by the feeling one has while clapping at the end of the last presentation. You know you have learned and grown from the content when a flood of gratitude flows out of clapping hands.

    The Office Dynamics Conference

    This year’s Office Dynamics’ Stellar Assistant Conference provided professional topics and presenters such as Judi Moreo, Susan Shultz, Debbie Gross and Joan Burge herself, among others, it also included Lisa Olsen who shared her fun emcee skills and passion for the profession. There were lots of questions and answers during the Star-Studded panel; these women shared their passion for our profession.

    With such a broad range of presenter styles, there was truly something for everyone. The learning and growth opportunities expanded beyond the topics though. Joan’s gratitude and professionalism encouraged many to speak up during team exercises and to introduce themselves to her during breaks to show their own gratitude. We were all encouraged to reach outside our comfort zones and connect. Many took advantage of that and it was so worth it!

    Joan shared her knowledge and work experiences ranging from what she truly enjoyed to taking jobs she was not so excited about, yet made into learning experiences, allowing attendees to find even more ways to relate to her. Her experiences helped attendees bond by sharing their own stories and knowledge.

    The Networking Opportunities

    The networking opportunities and team exercises provided friendship and professional connections I truly did not expect, but I am beyond grateful for. The two and a half days spent with women from all around the world provided interactions with a true role-model peer group. Because of such an encouraging environment and well-planned networking activities, we now have the ability to implement what we learned by staying connected with those new friends and sharing even more conversations about our lives and workplace celebratory and challenging moments.

    The women that I had the privilege of sitting with at table 32, were supportive and each so very unique yet with the common bond of our profession and dedication. We bonded through relating to the content, discussing our own challenges and encouraging one another. I could not possibly put a count on the high fives and hugs shared. These women created a true support circle and over that short 2 ½ day time period they taught me by sharing each of their distinctive work and life experiences.

    They reminded me of the importance of supportive collaboration and mutual professional respect while having fun and sharing laughs and those amazing high fives. The team at table 32 and several other women I had the honor to meet and share amazing conversations with had me thinking about the profession more, sharing from my own experience, learning from their experiences, feeling completely comfortable being exactly who I am while providing countless moments of laughter and smiles.

    High Fives All Around

    With much gratitude and respect, I thank each woman I shared a high five with, a hug, a laugh, a conversation and built memories with. I also extend that gratitude to Joan and her entire team. The conversations I shared with Joan, Ernan, Brian, and Melia encouraged me to experience the entire conference not only by what I learned and the takeaways but also by making connections, reaching out and talking to others, listening and taking advantage of any moment that connected me with another attendee.

    Being introduced as a guest blogger for Office Dynamics opened up even more opportunity and discussion. I appreciate each attendee that reached out to me to discuss conference topics and asked my opinion about their current work situation. Thank you for starting those conversations that were a pure joy to share with you!

    A well-balanced professional development opportunity should provide relevant content, unique ways of sharing that content, presenters with encouraging and professional stories, respect for the profession, inspire the desire to learn and create an experience that attendees from all backgrounds and work experience levels can relate to while encouraging each to bond and network. The Stellar Assistant Conference DELIVERED!

    Personal and Professional Growth

    The Office Dynamics Team provided a platform for administrative professionals who were eager to expand their learning, share their experiences and willingness to connect with one another the perfect gathering place to do just that and so much more.

    I have already received several texts and emails from the amazing women I now call friends. My well-being would not be quite as gratified as it is now, without having met these Stellar women. Our profession would not be as rewarding if Joan was not so dedicated to providing such a place for all of us. Not having the opportunity to attend this professional development conference would have been a missed opportunity for personal and professional growth.



    Dana Buchanan is a 20 plus year professional assistant with a passion for writing and offers a unique and professional perspective to projects and brainstorming sessions! She enjoys helping others discover key steps toward their career focus, job search, or self-employment exploration by creating or editing resumes, researching a particular type of job search, discovering business ideas and the action needed to succeed and loves sharing interviewing tips! Dana is also available to speak to small groups.

    You can read and follow Dana’s blogs at Success Encourager.

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    My First Experience at The Conference for Administrative Excellence 


    As Told By Your Office Dynamics Marketing Specialist


    Hello from your Office Dynamics Marketing Specialist! Recently we held our 25th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence and WOW, it did not disappoint! So much so that I asked Brian and Joan if I could write a blog post about my experience and share some photos from the event.


    Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I am the guy you get all the emails from 😉


    So many of you came up and introduced yourselves and said, “Hey you’re the guy I get all the emails from” I had to slip it into this blog. It was so fun and so awesome to finally get to meet all of you.


    Before I go on, I do need to mention that this was my first conference with Joan and the Office Dynamics team as well as my first time working a conference so I didn’t know what to expect. Let me tell you, “Wow” just doesn’t describe the event with justice.



    Tuesday, October 23 – Welcome Reception


    The Conference began with Joan’s traditional Welcome Reception. People from all over the country and all over the world gathered for cocktails, food, networking, and the enjoyment of a Frank Sinatra actor singing to go along with our Star theme.


    I didn’t know what to expect or how many people would show up but when I rounded the corner with my phone on Facebook Live, I was impressed with the HUGE turnout. It seemed everybody had shown up and no one was without conversation. It really was awesome to see.


    I watched friends reunite, assistants from different companies getting to know each other, and a line of people waiting to meet Joan Burge. Well the line for Joan wasn’t that much of a surprise but the atmosphere was electric, and I loved it!


    A great way to start the week and kick off the 25th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.



    Wednesday, October 24 – Speakers, Classes, and Panels


    Wednesday began with Joan’s opening remarks that would eventually lead into the recognition of two Platinum VIPs, Joni Hogue for her 10th conference attendance and Sue Velarde for her 12th.


    After the awards were given out, the attendees were then told about their special “space” theme cards that they received in their welcome packet. Lisa Olsen explained that there were others in the room with the same card and that when she said “go”, everyone would have to get up out of their chair and find their other team members. Well, I’m sure you can guess what happened next when 327 people got up at once to find their teams. You can find the video of this on our Facebook and YouTube pages. Please enjoy watching it!


    There were several breaks throughout the day that allowed me to meet a lot of you and hear your stories about why you came to the conference. Whether it was your second or third time, or even first.


    It was awesome to hear the reasons why you all chose to come.

    • Googled “Administrative Conferences”
    • Co-workers or colleagues recommend the conference
    • Some attendees told their stories to their managers and were able to get several more team members approval for the conference (so cool)
    • You previously attended
    • Our agenda looked the best when compared to other administrative conferences


    I could go on but there were too many to list them all.


    Later in the day Shasta Nelson would take the stage and cover the topic of, “How to Connect in Meaningful Ways.” Unfortunately, I was not able to stay for the entire session as duties called. However, the attendees raved about her.


    When Shasta concluded, we broke for lunch and enjoyed prepped meals provided by Office Dynamics and most took the time to stop into the Success Store to purchase some items. After lunch, the attendees then broke out to different hands-on labs that were taught by Joan Burge, Julie Reed, Brandi Britton, and Johna Little.


    Wednesday ended with Jennifer Lier, accomplished singer, Las Vegas performer, former Miss Nevada winner, and former Miss America contestant. Jennifer told the story of her journey and with each instance, she would sing a song that related to that particular moment in her life. Let me just say this…JENNIFER CAN SING! I was able to attend her entire session and I’m so glad I did, it was very moving and motivating.



    Thursday, October 25 – Speakers, Classes, Panels, and Awards


    Thursday was awesome! By this time, the Office Dynamics team had individually put in 13 – 16 miles of walking each day, making sure that the conference was running smoothly.


    Lisa Olsen, the conference MC, had opened and introduced the panel that would discuss the State of the Profession. Joan Burge, joined by Lisa Olsen, Julie Reed, and Debbie Gross provided amazing insight into the profession, where it is going, and where you, as an assistant, need to be. Amazing questions were asked by a few attendees that were answered by the panel including one heated, yet passionate answer given by Joan.


    Click Here, to watch the State of the Profession.


    This session was followed by the Best Practices Sharing session conducted by Julie Reed, an Office Dynamics Elite Trainer.


    After a break, the attendees once again broke out into concurrent sessions and lunch soon followed.


    The day would end with a wonderful session by Judi Moreo that caused laughter, tears, and a sense of togetherness. You truly had to be there to experience it. Beautifully done.



    Glitz and Glam Gala




    I’ve spent 8 years in the Marine Corps and have been to 7 Marine Corps Balls (the celebration of the Marine Corps Birthday) and I must say I have never been to anything like this!


    Every year Joan makes it a point to put on the best show, experience, and evening she can to allow her attendees to “let their hair down.” This being her 25th, she went all out. Her goal was to make each person feel as if they were the star of the show.


    In the hall outside the Gala was a step and repeat where paparazzi was taking pictures and interviewing attendees. You would also find a famous Mouse walking around greeting people.



    Above the entrance to the Gala, there was a beautiful arch that mimicked the entrance to the Oscars. Tall pillars and a light up sign that said, “25th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.” A beautiful red carpet led you under the arch and into the Gala.



    “Be Our Guest” was playing as I entered the ballroom where I literally stopped in my tracks. Just inside of the main entrance stood Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and that famous Mouse.


    I walked to my left and was greeted by Princess Leia, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. To the right of the room was Pocahontas, Han Solo, and Peter Pan. In the corner was a real movie set make up studio where attendees could get the star treatment of getting glitzed and glammed! Next to that was a photo booth area with our paparazzi photographer.



    Each table was beautifully covered with black and gold with a gorgeous centerpiece. The main stage was occupied by DJ Rodney and his amazing crew. The stage was decorated with two large pillars and the Oscar standing nearly 10ft tall.


    This night was truly for the Stars!


    During the 3 course dinner, the actors would put on different performances that tied to their characters but what was truly magnificent was when the characters would involve the attendees in the dance skits…and yes, I participated in two. Thanks Melia and Brian! Haha!


    The final skit before the dance floor was open was something out of a James Bond or Mission Impossible scene that involved espionage, dancing, acrobatics, and a performance to remember.


    After dinner, there was dancing, music, and so many memories made.



    I, along with many others, will not forget the night we were all Stars!



    Friday, October 26 – Final Day


    The day began with more prizes given out and a general session by Joan Burge. Followed by the, “What’s Next” session, the final set of concurrent classes, and Joan’s “Closing Thoughts.”


    A somewhat emotional yet invigorating moment for those who attended. Life-altering lessons, stories, and events took place during this amazing week followed by an inspirational message from Joan.


    The perfect way to end a fulfilling week.


    As Brian and I stood outside the doors along with Beth and Melia, I realized in our goodbyes just how amazing this week was for our attendees and for me too.


    In Conclusion


    How do I end a re-cap of one of the coolest events that I have ever had the privilege to be a part of? How about with a quick story that should explain the passion, care, and love the Office Dynamics team has.


    When I met many of you, you asked me how long I’ve been with the company, if I like it, and what brought me to Office Dynamics.


    I’d like to share with those that haven’t heard why I decided Office Dynamics was the perfect home for an aspiring marketer and at the end, I hope it will make sense to you.


    When I had interviewed with Brian and Joan in January, I had two other companies that had made offers to me, but before I would make my decision I wanted to do my due diligence by researching each company.


    The first company, a company that makes computer chips and motherboards, would’ve wanted me to blog about such things and Tweet about them. I’ll be very honest…there is no way I, as a marketer could do that; just not something I could be passionate about.


    The second company, in the service industry, was ok but didn’t excite me either.


    The last company, Office Dynamics International, specializes in the training and education of Administrative and Executive Assistants. Led by Joan Burge, a pioneer and trail-blazing woman that has a commanding presence and passion like no other.


    After I found Joan on YouTube, I started to watch a video from a previous conference and about 45 seconds into the video Joan got fired up and had this amazing intensity you only see in a few speakers. Joan was speaking so direct, so powerful, that I watched in awe and had goosebumps. After watching for about two minutes I sat back in my chair, smiled, and said, “I’m going to work for her.”


    It was approximately three weeks later when I started on February 12.


    Why did I choose Office Dynamics and Joan? Because someone with so much passion for the industry, so much care about the lessons, so much love for the administrative profession along with the people involved in it, is someone I can truly get behind and work with.


    After seeing the dedication from the Office Dynamics team, I can say that everyone has that same passion, care, and love for their work and those involved. Joan, Brian, Melia, and the speakers believe in what they are doing and only want to provide the best for all fans, followers, clients, and companies.


    So, I’m concluding with this…The Conference for Administrative Excellence is the culmination of the efforts of this team and I’m so very proud to be a part of it. The amount of work that this team has put into it has shown me how important that your experience is to them and at our final lunch together as a team on Friday, it showed.


    Sometimes in silence, sometimes in conversation, but always happy with the efforts put into it. Happy with the responses given by the attendees. Happy for our 25th conference.


    I hope those who attended this year’s conference enjoyed it as much as I did, and I truly cannot wait to see you all again next year.



    Your Friendly Neighborhood Marketing Guy (that sends you all those emails),




    Ernan A. Paredes



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