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    Qualities Of A Great Assistant 

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    Are You a great assistant? Many times in my live workshops and seminars for executive and administrative assistants, I ask the participant to create a list of qualities, attributes, and attitudes of star-performing assistants. Over the years, I have collected more than 300 ideas that I want to share. As you go through it, check …

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    Business Travel Planning for Executive and Administrative Assistants 

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    With more and more companies expanding the reach of their market across the country and even the globe, the role of the business travel planner has become increasingly important. Assistants who need to plan fast-paced and “not a moment to spare” meeting agendas and travel itineraries for their traveling executives know that getting it right is a difficult feat. Novice and senior assistants alike struggle with the task of travel planning for busy leaders. It’s a universal hurdle to star achievement!

    The first thing you need to do as an assistant is to become educated about what business travel really is so that you can develop empathy for your executive. For many business owners and team leaders, business travel is stressful, draining, and dreaded. Jet lag, back-to-back meetings, and little recovery time reveal the reality of the weary business traveler. Traveling for work demands that your leader be sharp when it counts. Sometimes that’s a very tall order. Constant business travel is, quite often, very taxing on a person. Business trips are typically high-pressure, high-stakes events. If they weren’t, your leader probably wouldn’t need to fly across the country. Developing a keen understanding of what life on the road is really like, even if you don’t travel much yourself, is an incredibly important skill to master in order to effectively plan your leader’s business trips.

    Once you understand their plight, how do master business travel planning? As usual, the answer lies within you. You must understand that travel planning is a cognitive task. Travel websites may be able to produce refined lists from an immense amount of data, but they simply cannot consider every single vital element that you, a human being, can. You know your leader. You understand what they need. You can appreciate what they’re up against. Use that know-how when you plan their travel and allow that understanding to work for you.

    Because I know exceptional travel planning for business leaders is an incredibly important task, I’ve created an in-depth guide to help you master the skill. Mastering Business Travel Planning: A Vital Resource for Assistants eBook represents the culmination of my decades of experience in both planning business trips and traveling extensively myself. Ready to become a travel planning pro? Click here learn more!


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    Las Vegas Restaurants and Attractions to Visit While Attending Our Conference for Administrative Assistants 

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    Hello Office Dynamics friends and family! Ernan here and I’m very excited to share with you a little interview I had with Joan Burge.

    Year after year we host the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence here in Las Vegas and each year about half of the attendees are new, not just to our Conference but to the city of Las Vegas.

    This got us thinking, if you are new to Las Vegas and you are here for a conference, it can be extremely overwhelming trying to figure out what you should visit and experience. So, I sat down with Joan Burge and asked her what her favorite places are and what she recommends to visit for your first time here in Las Vegas.

    Here are Joan’s recommendations in no particular order.

    Bellagio – Fountains of Bellagio and Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

    The Bellagio is part of the MGM Resorts and is located approximately in the middle of The Strip. It is considered a luxury hotel and casino and hosts the “Fountains of Bellagio” and conservatory and botanical gardens.

    The Fountains are a choreographed water performance that uses light and music to add to it’s show. It’s located in front of the Bellagio and the show takes place every 30 minutes during the day. After 8 pm, the fountains play every 15 minutes until midnight.

    It’s a wonderful display that will leave you speechless and standing in awe.

    The conservatory and botanical gardens is inside of the Bellagio hotel and is located next to the hotel’s lobby. This attraction features five seasonal themes and celebrates the Chinese New Year, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, the spring display, and the summer display which is usually red, white and blue themed.

    Both of these attractions are FREE and definitely worth the trip to the Strip.

    Fremont Street

    What can we say about this place that hasn’t already been said? It truly is a place to see everything!

    Fremont street is roughly seven blocks and is located downtown Las Vegas. It is home to the world’s largest video screen, the Viva Vision, that gives an amazing light show while your favorite songs are played. The Viva Vision is 1,500 fee long, 90 feet wide and yes it stretches over head.

    Other amenities include zip lining on SlotZilla which is 12 stories and almost the entire length of the Viva Vision. Various restaurants such as Hugo’s Cellar, Second Street Grill, American Coney Island, Red Sushi, Chicago Brewing Co., and Cadillac Mexican Grill are scattered throughout. You might be lucky enough to catch live music as well. One last thing, if you are a people watcher, then this is your place!

    If you, your friends, and your fellow conference attendees decide to go be prepared to see anything and everything!

    Vintner Grill

    For those administrative assistants and executive assistants that are attending the conference here in Vegas, food can be hard to settle on when in a group. So many choices and styles to choose from!

    Vintner Grill is an American Bar and Bistro that is located in Summerlin. The setting is a very inviting modern look and the menu is American dishes infused with amazing flavors from Spain, France and Italy.

    Joan calls this one a “must go to.”

    Hawthorne Grill

    The Hawthorne Grill is located in the JW Marriott only a few miles away from the Red Rock Casino and Resort. This very dining experience has a menu that caters to breakfast, lunch, Sunday brunch, a champagne menu and a very nice selection of cocktails and wine.

    The dining room is perfect for a business gathering or a romantic dinner. This restaurant sits next to a large outdoor patio that overlooks a beautiful waterfall with an amazing array of foliage.

    This blissful restaurant will definitely make you feel that Las Vegas high life.

    We loved the Roasted Atlantic Salmon and the Pan Seared Diver Scallops!

    The Park

    One of the newest additions to Las Vegas, The Park, sits in between New York, New York, the Park MGM and the T-Mobile Arena. It features restaurants, bars, and shops.

    If you are a beer connoisseur or a sushi fanatic, The Park has the right place for you. The Beerhaus houses craft beers from around the United States from Michigan to California. If you are craving sushi then you will want to visit Sake Rok which is inspired by Japan’s vibrant pop culture. You will find other places like Bruxie and California Pizza Kitchen in the same area.

    From the park you will have easy access to New York, New York where you can ride the roller coaster or visit the newly renovated Park MGM Las Vegas.

    This destination is a little further away but you can definitely make your way up and down the strip seeing other attractions like the High Roller, Skyfall Lounge, various Cirque du Soleil shows, and the Chandelier bar located in the Cosmopolitan.

    Linq/High Roller

    The Linq is a hotel/casino centrally located on the Strip sitting across the street from Bally’s and Caesars Palace that is also home to a nice shopping area and the famous High Roller.

    The High Roller is  550 feet tall and has 28 passenger cabins that have a 40-passenger capacity.

    It takes roughly 30 minutes for a rotation and at night it is lit up by a 2,000-LED multicolor system.

    Day or night, you will get a view you will never forget.

    T-Bones Chophouse

    T-Bones Chophouse is located right inside the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, so all conference attendees can just take a little walk downstairs and find themselves in one of Joan’s favorite restaurants in Las Vegas.

    The restaurant has an amazing selection of the freshest seafood, side dishes, and decadent desserts.

    In 2015 T-Bones Chophouse was selected as a Wine Spectator Restaurant Award Winner.

    While you are at the Conference for Administrative Excellence, you should consider giving this venue a visit.

    Skyfall Lounge

    This chic bar sits on the Delano’s 64th floor, overlooking the beautiful Las Vegas landscape while serving artisan cocktails and playing easygoing tunes with eclectic beats.

    This Joan Burge favorite opens at 5:00 PM and requires a “nightlife attire” for its dress code but be ready because this one of a kind venue boasts prices that match the requirements.

    Click here, to visit the Skyfall Lounge website.

    O – Cirque du Soleil

    This water-themed production is put on by Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian circus and entertainment company and has had residence in Las Vegas since 1998.

    This stage production takes place in, around, and above a tank of water that holds 1.5 million gallons.

    O is a performance that uses 150 stage technicians, a cast of 85 members that is comprised of international acrobats, divers, and synchronized swimmers.

    You will be sitting in a theater that is made to represent a 14-century European opera house that seats 1,800 people.

    If you visit this show, you will not forget it.

    Whether it is our Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence or a different conference, we hope that you take a night or two to yourself and enjoy the greatness that Las Vegas has to offer.


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    How Should an Executive Assistant Conduct Themselves? – Ask An Admin 

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    This is a special Ask an Admin because it is time sensitive and we are helping a new executive assistant in Europe! So, administrative professionals from around the world, let’s try to help!

    Katrien, from Belgium says:

    I will start a new challenge as a Executive Assistant and I am very much looking forward to that. In February all colleagues (also the new ones) are invited at a company event in New Orleans, Louisiana. This means a long haul flight of 11 hours with 200 colleagues in one airplane. And a whole business week full of work and leisure events. I am a bit nervous though about a few things:

    1. How to remain professional at all times considering the long flight and tiredness/sleep it will involve.
    2. What to wear on the flight as I like to be comfortable but still professional.
    3. What to wear when casual is required at some events; I don’t like wearing “jeans and sneakers” at work.

    Katrien will be taking that flight next week so let’s try to get all the information, tips, and tricks to her as soon as we can! Side note…congratulations on your promotion Katrien!

    ATTENTION: If you’ve submitted your response on our Ask an Admin blog post, please be patient to see your response and other responses. We have to manually approve them to prevent spammers and profanity. If you do not see your response right away, please give it time and revisit. We apologize for this but this is the best way we can keep YOUR blog clean! Thank you, everyone!

    About Ask an Admin:

    Ask an Admin will be a weekly post on our blog that presents a question that you or a fellow administrative professional submitted to us. We will choose one question per week and post it on our blog.

    If you have a question that you would like to submit, please send it to officedynamics.aaa@gmail.com and include the name you would like us to use.

    If you want to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss any posts, please visit https://officedynamics.com/blog/ and subscribe in the right-hand column.


    Monday Motivators™ is a weekly email sent from Joan Burge that gives you a little kick start to the week. These emails will include work advice, life advice, and sometimes how to find that good balance. To subscribe to Monday Motivators™ please click the button below.

    Help other administrative professionals and share this page using the buttons below!

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    Tips for the Tourist in All of Us: The Savvy Admin’s Guide to Travel! 

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    I have been hosting the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence for 25 years. I also host a high-end training program for executive assistants and administrative assistants called World Class Assistant, in Las Vegas. I have observed hundreds of assistants travel and heard numerous stories about their travel experiences both while in transit to Las Vegas and during their stay in Las Vegas.

    Since I travel most of the year and every trip is an adventure, many of the things I hear attendees complain about are typical, yet they appear to be larger than life to the attendee. What is most interesting is that administrative professionals are the ones who are very involved in their executive’s travels yet are not road warriors. It is for this very reason that I had Nancy Fraze, an Office Dynamics journalist, write, a list of Travel Tips. While these were written for our administrative professional conference attendees, they can apply to any trip you may whether it be a business trip or vacation. It will certainly reduce any travel stress you may experience.

    First and foremost: No trip is perfect! You must expect the unexpected and go with the flow. Adapt quickly and bring lots of reading materials for downtime at the airport.

    Town Cars vs. Taxi:
    Your choice should depend on the city you are traveling to, the distance you will be going from the airport to the hotel, and any other local traveling you will be doing—such as going from a hotel to a restaurant; plus the time of your arrival (are you arriving after dark and traveling alone?). I travel to many cities where a town car is not much more than a taxi and it is safer travel. Plus the town car is usually very professional, assists with your bags and pampers you by providing water, newspapers, and mints and shares good information about what to do in town, where to eat, where not to go. As a woman traveler, my safety is the #1 value I hold highest and I am willing to pay more for feeling safe.

    Hotel Shuttles:
    You need to find out if that hotel shuttle has specific times airport pick-up times. Does that schedule fit with your arrival? Or if it is a half hour out from your arrival time, is it worth it for you to sit around the airport and wait? It depends on what you need to do upon your arrival. Do you have lots of free time? Or do you need to get to your hotel, quickly unpack, and get to a meeting? It also depends on whether your flight arrived on time or not.

    Share Ground Transportation:
    Sharing a taxi or town car with other attendees from your organization may be a cost-effective alternative. Be organized and schedule your flights where you arrive within 15 or 20 minutes of each other or travel on the same flight. If you are traveling alone, find out who else is attending that administrative conference or a training event, coordinate arrival times and share your transportation. It takes being proactive and organized.

    Download Our Free Comprehensive Business Travel Planning Checklist Here.

    Hotel Requests or Repairs: Most hotels do their best to provide good customer service, neat and fully functional sleeping rooms, efficient staff, and tasty food. However, with that said, the hotel staff are people and people are not perfect. Equipment does burn out or needs maintenance. This is just a simple truth. Fire alarms inadvertently go off while you are in the shower! Air conditioners stop working. Walls are thin and you can hear the person in the other room talking. Guests will be outside your bedroom door at 11:00 p.m. laughing and showing no consideration that you have to get up at 6:00 a.m. for a full day at a conference or training.

    While it is upsetting when these things happen, and you may have been traveling all day only to arrive late, your room is too cold or too hot, you have not eaten all day, and your luggage did not arrive . . .

    • Remain calm.
    • Call the front desk from your hotel room phone and state your issue.
    • If you do not get a satisfactory response within 10 minutes (the repair person or a call that they are being dispatched), call the front desk again. Request to speak to the “Manager on Duty.”
    • For repairs such as burned out light bulbs, be aware that hotels often change them during the day while the cleaning staff is servicing your room. Simply report it and go on about your schedule.
    • Do not sit in your room waiting! The engineers often come into the room while I am at dinner or off to my training session.
    • Request a credit or $20.00 off your dinner if they have really messed up! Be assertive in a professional fashion.

    Ambiance: Hotels, restaurants, and spas spend thousands of dollars planning an ambiance that will please you. Most hotel rooms create an ambiance with lighting that is not as bright as you are used to at home. You may find the task light at the bedside table or desk area is necessary in order to enjoy reading in bed or to check emails at the desk. Hotels are designed for the vacation traveler even though the majority of their business is the business road warrior.

    Be flexible and remember to savor the unfamiliar and find the joy and beauty in it. You can also sink into a deliciously deep tub for a long soak; enjoy the marble shower or the marvelous scenery, not to mention the lighted makeup mirror! Or if these are not provided (find out ahead of time), then bring your own makeup mirror or little reading light.

    Expect the unexpected:
    When traveling, you must expect the unexpected. Perhaps your flight is delayed or overbooked. Perhaps you miss the shuttle, your baggage is delayed or lost; the hotel room is not quite ready when you arrive. This happens to every traveler at some point. When it happens to you, how will you respond?

    • Remain calm! (Again, we’ve all witnessed the cranky traveler – you don’t want to be that person.)
    • Prepare: pack a good book or your MP3 player so you can entertain yourself during downtime.
    • Consider it a learning experience that will help you know how best to help your executives when someday it happens to them!
    • Use your administrative skills and a winning attitude to find the joy in that unexpected moment, no matter what.
    • Remember: people are human and mistakes sometimes happen.
    • Keep a positive outlook throughout the unexpected experience. It feels much better than going through it any other way!

    Happy travels!

    Travel tips provided by Nancy Fraze.

    Download Our Free Comprehensive Business Travel Planning Checklist Here.

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