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    7 Habits All Great Leaders Share 

    One of the best ways to grow in your professional life is to study great leaders. And there’s no better way to understand the best leaders than looking at their habits. After all, our disciplines reflect our priorities, and it’s the things we do every day that shape us.

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    As seen on Thrive Global written by Lolly Daskal

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    Understanding the 7 Leader Archetypes of Leadership 

    Andrew was a top executive working for one of the world’s largest multinational companies. A specialist in organizational design, he was renowned throughout the industry for successfully revamping his company’s culture. When the CEO of a major competitor approached him with a promotion offer and the opportunity to play on a bigger stage, he jumped at the chance. His mission was to develop and launch a complex and important organizational redesign that the company’s CEO hoped would vault the company far ahead of its competitors.

    At his last job, Andrew had thrived on top-down leadership. He was used to leading without involving his employees, and—at least for a while—that had worked out fine. But his new company was less bureaucratic. Its leaders were more open and transparent, and employees were used to being involved in decision-making.

    As the stress and responsibility of his new position mounted, Andrew doubled down on what had worked for him in the past. He defaulted to commanding his people instead of engaging them.

    But Andrew’s command-and-control tactics were beginning to create discord. Complaints started trickling up to the CEO, and she brought me in to help ensure that Andrew’s leadership style didn’t interfere with the project’s success.


    Article posted on SHRM

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    Recommended Summer Reading for Leaders 

    With summer unofficially underway here in the United States, you might soon find yourself with some extra time on your hands either as the normal pace of business slows down or as you take a vacation from the office. As a result, summer is a fantastic time to take a breath, recharge, and carve out time for personal and professional development, like enhancing your leadership skills.

    We know that leaders are made, not born. And, we know that the best way to acquire leadership skills is through real-world experience. But, we also know that it can be helpful — and truly inspirational — to read first-hand accounts of trials, tribulations, and successes from great leaders who have boldly gone before us and are eager to share their stories.

    So, before you head to the beach or the pool, be sure to pick up a book (or two) from our list of Recommended Summer Reading for Leaders below.

    To compile our summer reading list, we polled our team members, clients, and master trainers. These are the books that they’ve turned to over and over again throughout their careers for inspiration. These are the books they consistently recommend to colleagues looking to enhance their leadership skills.

    Be ready to be  motivated, energized, and inspired. Click on the book cover to read a full description or purchase on Amazon. Happy reading!

    The Leadership Gap made it to the recommended summer reading list for Leaders.


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    6 Ways to Stop Blocking Your Own Success 

    Even the most excellent leaders sometimes find that one day, suddenly, what once worked so well to propel their rise stops working. And the very same traits that had worked for them actually start working against them. Another stellar career comes to an abrupt end.

    This is the moment when leaders confront a critical and very uncomfortable question: What if there’s a gap in what I think I know?

    One of the seven leadership archetypes that I outline in my book, The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness, is the Truth-Teller, who above all else, values candor. But in the face of uncertainty, someone who relies on telling the truth can bring about their own demise.


    Article posted on Ladders


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    How to Identify The Gaps in Your Own Leadership Style 


    How to identify the gaps in your own leadership style

    A leader’s strengths and weaknesses directly inform how they guide others to thrive at work. The good always comes with the bad, as every leader has flaws that correlate with the skills that have led them to succeed in their career.

    According to Lolly Daskal’s new Bestseller book The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness, these shortcomings are referred to as leadership gaps as they can either prevent you from reaching your full potential or be leveraged to help you rise to the occasion as a boss, supervisor, executive or any other type of leader.

    As the CEO and founder of Lead from Within, a leadership consulting firm, Daskal has first hand experience coaching hundreds of executives at companies worldwide.


    Article by Brian Honigman  posted on THE NEXT WEB


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