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    Executive and Administrative Assistant Skills That Are Important to Executives 

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    While administrative and executive assistants have a very good feel for the skills they need to do their job effectively, I like to hear from executives and get their perspective, which is important. I often survey managers and high-level executives on the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are most important for an assistant to possess.  Here are some non-edited, direct quotes from them demonstrating the skills that are important to executives. See how you measure up! 


    What skills are important to your executive?

    “It is very important for my assistant to be “smarter” than most. The ability to organize and prioritize is right behind SMART! You have to organize to be able to know what is in front of you. Since there is always more than you can get done, the ability to prioritize is critical. The most important ability an assistant has to learn to do is to figure out what NOT to do. Throw those items out of the boat and prioritize the rest.”

    Communication skills, both oral and written, are a must  have. It almost goes unsaid that if you cannot communicate in a clear, timely and concise manner you will never make it.”

    Technological skills are a must  have to keep up with the pace and dynamics of the job. You are not trying to keep up with yourself, but usually the department. The right tools and the common sense to apply them appropriately are a given in any role today.”

    Toughness is key. The job is usually under-rated. You are steering the ship. Suck it up and make it work.”

    The ability to be a team player in the larger sense of the corporate mission, goals and objectives. It’s not about your desk, but the big desk in the sky. You are a little fish in a big pond that can really make a difference!”

    Big picture and detail-oriented at the same time. One ability without the other will not work.”

    Ask your executive for their Top 5 Most Important Administrative Skills.

    For fun, you might ask your executive to name the top 5 skills that are most important when it comes to an administrative or executive assistant. You can also ask them about the traits, attitudes and behaviors that are most important. Then see how you measure up.

    Good luck!


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    Empowering Tips for the Administrative and Executive Assistant 

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    The word Empower is not only the theme of the 26th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence it is used in a variety of situations and conversations. It is also an excellent mantra keyword and topic for personal and professional mission statements.

    There are several ways to feel empowered and encourage empowerment in others. During conversations, I have had the privilege to have with Joan Burge she has always encouraged the true meaning of empowerment for all, especially those in the administrative profession.

    The main topic of most conversations, not only with myself but also with other professionals and conference and/or training attendees is encouraging everyone to:

    • Take control of their professional and personal life by being confident in their own abilities
    • Accepting challenges as opportunities to grow
    • Continuing to constantly learn & expand your knowledge beyond your own career field
    • Purposefully create opportunity in every situation (be purposefully visible)
    • Find your inner circle of support and actively connect with them
    • Set stretch goals
    • Celebrate accomplishments enthusiastically
    • Take pride in the profession
    • Make time for family, friends, faith, and fun
    • Accept projects that challenge you

    Confidence is a major key component to embracing and defining your own empowerment focus. Whether you feel confident in your current abilities, experience, and comfortable with your personal and professional life or if you are feeling a lack of confidence, the empowering tips above can help you define your direction. Feeling less confident is not a weakness; it is an opportunity to focus on areas you can grow in.

    Creating a mission statement or mantra and setting personal and professional goals can boost confidence and empower you. Confidence is being certain about the truth; knowing and appreciating one’s own abilities through that truth. To be certain of something you should feel comfortable and knowledgeable. Goals that include opportunities to learn, challenge comfort zones, inspire creating, connecting with supportive others, and promote inner happiness build confidence, which empowers individuals to accept and celebrate their unique qualities.

    How do you encourage personal empowerment and inspire others to do the same?

    Dana Buchanan is a 20 plus year professional assistant with a passion for writing and offers a unique and professional perspective to projects and brainstorming sessions! She enjoys helping others discover key steps toward their career focus, job search, or self-employment exploration by creating or editing resumes, researching a particular type of job search, discovering business ideas and the action needed to succeed and loves sharing interviewing tips! Dana is also available to speak to small groups.

    You can read and follow Dana’s blogs at Success Encourager.


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    Why it’s Worth Sending Your Administrative Assistant to a Conference 

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    “Why is it worth sending my administrative assistant to a conference?” is a question that a lot of executives ask themselves when they know there is so much free content on the internet their assistant can learn from.

    However, we all know that attending an in-person administrative conference is light years ahead of watching an online webinar.

    Besides all the fun perks, the chance to travel to a new city, and once in a lifetime experiences there are more reasons to invest in your administrative and executive assistant.

    Knowledge. Conferences are the best place to discover new trends and practices. Administrative assistants from around the world gather at the Conference for Administrative Excellence and share their stories, experiences, and best practices with one another. This creates a vast pool of knowledge and potential.

    Top Minds. Conferences not only attract those that want to excel in their work but they also attract some of the top minds and trail blazers of the industry. The speakers that come to the Conference for Administrative Excellence not only have worked for some of the biggest names but have also established themselves as distinguished figures in the administrative and executive assistant industry.

    Discovery. Attending a conference will allow your administrative or executive assistant to discover new trends, techniques, groundbreaking ideas, and practices that will help propel them and your business to new heights.

    Networking. Attending a conference will allow the attendees to surround themselves with like-minded people that strive to exceed the expectations of their managers and executives. By surrounding themselves with these type of hard working individuals it allows them to make connections that could not only last a life time but carry on to future business ventures.

    Taking a step away. Sometimes taking a step away can lead to a greater solution and by attending a conference your administrative or executive assistant will be given the chance to step away from their current work (momentarily) and put their focus on something else that is constructive and beneficial for the business long-run.

    Investing in your administrative or executive assistant is not just an investment in them, it is an investment in your company and your company’s future. The Conference for Administrative Excellence has been providing some of the industry’s best practices to administrative assistants and executive assistants from around the world, for decades. Click here, to learn more about the Conference for Administrative Excellence.


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    How Do Administrative Assistants Handle a Micromanager? – Ask an Admin 

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    Welcome to the part of our blog known as Ask an Admin, where any administrative assistant or executive assistant can submit any question they have and their peers (your peers) can weigh in on the conversation. We know that there is always multiple ways you can approach a situation and we would love to hear your input on how you would handle the problem or situation that is presented.

    This week Sheri presents the question:

    How would you handle a boss that micromanages? How would you handle a boss that is nasty when critiquing a typed document that needs to be reviewed?

    Wow, this is a tough question but a very good one! Micromanaging always seems to have a negative impact on the office so what do you do about it? What happens when your boss is the one micromanaging you? Very tough question to answer. So, administrative and executive assistants around the world… let us hear your answer!

    ATTENTION: If you’ve submitted your response on our Ask an Admin blog post, please be patient to see your response and other responses. We have to manually approve them to prevent spammers and profanity. If you do not see your response right away, please give it time and revisit. We apologize for this but this is the best way we can keep YOUR blog clean! Thank you, everyone!

    About Ask an Admin:

    Ask an Admin will be a weekly post on our blog that presents a question that you or a fellow administrative professional submitted to us. We will choose one question per week and post it on our blog.

    If you have a question that you would like to submit, please send it to officedynamics.aaa@gmail.com and include the name you would like us to use.

    If you want to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss any posts, please visit https://officedynamics.com/blog/ and subscribe in the right-hand column.


    Monday Motivators™ is a weekly email sent from Joan Burge that gives you a little kick start to the week. These emails will include work advice, life advice, and sometimes how to find that good balance. To subscribe to Monday Motivators™ please click the button below.

    Help other administrative professionals and share this page using the buttons below!

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    5 Reasons to Attend Office Dynamics World Class Assistant Course 

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    There are many reasons why you should attend an administrative assistant certification or designation course but are those reasons right for you or are you still trying to figure out why you should a certification and designation course? Joan Burge, founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International is the creator of the World Class Assistant™ course and has helped men and women from around the world get their CWCA designation.

    Based on Joan’s experiences, conversations, and testimonials Joan has put together a short list of the top reasons why attending the Office Dynamics World Class Assistant™ course is a must for all administrative assistants and executive assistants.

    #1: Robust content. This course was created by Joan Burge, founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International. Joan has more than four decades of experience in the administrative and training industry, with an emphasis on instructional design. The course content is current, relevant, and vigorous.

    #2: Experiential learning means you retain what you learn. It is a fact that we retain information far longer and better by doing than just reading or listening. At the WCA live class, you will be fully immersed in your learning. No sitting on the sidelines. This means you have a far better chance of retaining information and changing behavior after your training.

    #3: Elite group. Stand out among the crowd. unlike other administrative certifications and designations which are awarded to tens of thousands of assistants, Office Dynamics’ CWCA designation has been awarded to 750 assistants. This means this designation stands out far above the crowd and so will you!

    #4: Intimate class size. The class is limited to 25 attendees thus creating a better learning environment. Attendees have ample time to practice newly-learned skills, work in teams, receive peer feedback, and experience exceptional networking.

    #5: No re-certification. You do not have to recertify for the CWCA designation. CWCA is a curriculum-based designation meaning the only way a person can obtain this one-of-a-kind designation is by attending the live course, demonstrating behaviors in class, and passing a quiz at the end of the class.

    Boost your confidence and career. Register today!


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