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    The Perfect Gift for Everyone in Your Office 

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    Happy cheerful colleagues celebrating christmas party in office smiling giving presents.

    Every year, managers and human resources professionals like you struggle with the same issue: what to give their employees for the holidays. You’ve seen the looks on your employees’ faces when they all open the exact same pencil set or company tote bag and you don’t want to repeat that ever again. The question is, how do you find something personal, but still workplace appropriate, for each individual employee? With this handy shopping guide, all you’ll need to know is one interest or hobby and this year you’ll be handing out gifts that will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

    For the Outdoorsy Type

    Have a coworker who spends every weekend hiking in a different state park or every fall counting down the days until hunting season? Outdoorsy people can be pretty particular about their gear, so save yourself the guesswork and get a gift card to a reputable outfitter like Cabela’s.

    For the Philanthropist

    For the person who truly doesn’t want a gift, consider a gift card to a micro-lender like Kiva. He can then pick the person he’d like to invest in by project and country. The best thing about it is that once the loan is repaid, it can be reinvested in another deserving borrower.

    For the Traveler

    A great gift for the employee who loves to travel is the Scratch Map Deluxe, a scratch-off wall map that will let her show off everywhere she’s been as well as plot her next adventure.

    For the Writer

    The aspiring writer in the office will appreciate an adorable “Choose Your Weapon” pen pouch from Etsy and a trio of moleskin notebooks.

    For the Sports Fan

    Give the sports fan in your office access to the latest in-depth sports news with a membership to ESPN’s Insider. With this membership, he’ll also get a subscription to ESPN the Magazine.

    For the Bookworm

    Have an employee who has his nose in a book the minute he’s on his lunch break? Grab a gift certificate to a local used bookstore or delight him with a Jane Eyre Bookshelf Bandit tote bag (bonus: a book is donated to a community in need for every tote sold).

    For the Music Lover

    The music lover in the office will never run out of new music to listen to with a subscription to a streaming service like Pandora or Spotify.

    For the Foodie

    For the employee who comes in every Monday morning talking about the new restaurant she tried or her latest culinary concoction, try a fabulous Charted Cheese Wheel print from Pop Chart Lab or a gift card to her favorite local restaurant.

    For the Beer Drinker

    Bringing alcohol to the office might not be appropriate, but a membership to a local beer CSA (or CSBs, as they are sometimes called) will thrill the beer lover in the office. No CSB? Look for tickets to a beer tasting event or brewery tour.

    For the Tech Geek

    Grab your techie a geek-chic Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet to keep his headphones, charging cords, flash drives, phone, cash and cards organized and close at hand.

    For the Movie Lover

    Every movie lover will appreciate a gift card to a local movie theater, but if you want something a bit more personal, search for a creative print of her favorite movie on Etsy.

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    12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Goal Setting & Branding for 2017 

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    In this brief webinar with Office Dynamics, we cover quick and impactful tips on goal setting and branding. This video will help prepare you for 2017 and it can’t help but put you in the holiday spirit, too.

    Watch the webinar replay, Goal Setting and Branding for 2017

    goal setting

    Resources From the Goal Setting Webinar

    Do you struggle with interruptions when you take time to learn at your desk? Try this free printable inspired by one of our webinar attendees.

    DOWNLOAD Training In Progress Printable: training-in-progress-sign-office-dynamics

    HANDOUT DOWNLOAD: day-2-goal-setting-and-professional-image-handout

    CHAT ARCHIVE DOWNLOAD: day-2-chat-archive-12-days

    CERTIFICATE DOWNLOAD: certificate-of-attendance-goal-setting-and-professional-image


    Special Offer From the Goal Setting Webinar


    No coupon code necessary. Add the item to your cart and the price will be reduced.

    Watch the 12 Days Webinar Series

    Did you miss Day 1? Check out the replay here, Get Control of Your Day Replay.

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    How to Boost Your Professionalism Through Better Writing Webinar 

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    These days, doesn’t it seem like we’re all getting lazy with our writing? Perhaps we can blame technology. Whatever the reason, poor writing skills can really call your professionalism into question. Errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling are just the tip of the iceberg. Being overly wordy, repetitive and vague can also create the impression that you lack confidence and competence, and that can spell career disaster for any administrative professional.

    As an assistant, you probably also play the critical role of proofreader for the leaders you support. Without well-honed skills, you might miss some egregious error—or worse, insert an error of your own! These mistakes can be embarrassing, costly and damaging to credibility, for your leader and you.

    In this free webinar replay, we tap into a great writing resource with special guest, Barbara McNichol. A seasoned editor and author of “Word Trippers: Your Ultimate Source for Choosing the Perfect Word When It Really Matters,” Barbara will teach you how to craft EVERYTHING you write with precision and intention. She will join Joan Burge, CEO of Office Dynamics and author of 7 books, to discuss why strong writing skills are vitally important for administrative professionals and to share strategies for boosting your professionalism through the written word.

    If you’ve ever worried what others are seeing in your writing, you don’t want to miss out on this session! Don’t wait, watch it now.



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    How to Improve the Readability of Your Written Message 

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    By Barbara McNichol
    No matter what you’re writing—a sensitive email, a report, a proposal, even chapters in a book—you aim to make it easy for readers to understand. But how can you ensure what you actually write is what you intended?
    Ignore this question at your peril—no matter how busy you are or how fast you want to advance your projects. When you rush to action, you risk having to redo, revise, and explain. That doesn’t save you time!
    To improve the readability of your message as you write, turn the following five tips into strong habits:

    1. Write short words and limit the total number in a sentence. No more than 21 words per sentence is a good rule of thumb.
    2. Include one major point per paragraph and one major concept per chapter. Don’t try to do too much in either one.
    3. Use adjectives and adverbs sparingly so the strongest, most salient ones can stand out in a crowd.
    4. Break up large blocks of type with subheads—enough that readers can skim the subheads to quickly find what they’re looking for.
    5. Don’t change the point of view within a paragraph (e.g., switching from a “we” to “you” orientation). If you have to shift the pronoun reference, start a new paragraph.

    Most important, always proofread your own message at least three times and, if possible, have two colleagues check it, too. As you reread it, ask: “Is this exactly what I intended?” If not, rework it until you’re satisfied your message can be easily understood by others.
    The benefit to you? You will save time in the long run.
    Barbara McNichol provided several writing insights in a recent ODI webinar. Click here to hear more from this expert editor of nonfiction books.
    In collaboration with ODI, Barbara offers a fun, educational subscription program called Word Trippers Tips. To keep your language skills sharp, become a subscriber and you’ll receive Word Tripper of the Week and an ebook with 390+ Word Trippers, plus quarterly writing tips, a 38-minute webinar, even a crossword puzzle. Check out the details at www.WordTrippers.com/odi

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    Take Time to Say Thank You 

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    Today, I want to talk about taking time to express your gratitude to others, whether you personally know them or not. This has come to light for me because, in the past 2 weeks, Jasmine and I have received personal handwritten notes, little gifts, cards, letters and emails of gratitude from people whose lives we have touched and didn’t even know it. One note was especially touching as the woman told us about a horrible car accident she was in and the difficult time she went through in therapy learning how to walk, eat and talk again. Can you imagine? She went on to say that it was Monday Motivators and our webinars that started getting her brain in gear. Wow!

    It means so much to me when someone takes time to write a note of gratitude. It makes me feel really good to know I have touched someone’s heart and soul. I, too, can think of many people who have influenced my life and they didn’t even know it until I wrote a thank you note.

    Who are you grateful for? Who has helped you in your career or even just on a project? Think of the people at work who have been kind to you; have spoken up on your behalf; been your champion or friend. What about the people who help you get your job done such as in the mail room? What about the janitors in your building or the security guard? Do you ever tell them thank you? Words of gratitude go a long way plus giving thanks is very good for your health.

    This week, please acknowledge at least 1 person a day for whom you are thankful. And write at least one thank-you note on a card in your handwriting. I can’t tell you how much it means to know that someone took time out of their busy schedule to write a note versus sending a quick email.

    We don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to give thanks. It can be an everyday event.

    Joan Burge

    Founder and CEO

    Learning At Sea, A journey-based learning immersion experience:


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