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    Science Says: What You Do With Your Power Shows Who You Really Are 

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    It’s often said that power changes people, but according to a new study from Michael K. Kraus of Yale University’s School of Management, published in Quartz, power actually reveals who people already are.

    “The more power people get, the more freedom they feel they have to be their authentic selves, acting consistently with their goals and values,” writes Kraus.

    While most of us feel a need to temper our behavior depending on who’s around us and what kind of impression we hope to make, powerful people are free to be wholly themselves. As people feel more powerful, they also feel more authentic.

    Here are some questions to help you determine whether you have authentic power:

    1. Do people listen when you speak? If people like you, honor you, admire you, they will listen to you, and if they trust you they’ll see you as a person with power.

    2. Do others come to you for advice? If people are constantly asking you what you think and you tell them and they listen, you have influence, you have power. People ask advice from those they admire, those they think have the answers. Serve those people well by listening to what they have to say, but then steer them to find the answers they already have within them. That is the best advice you can give another.

    3. Do you display confidence? Those who have confidence get things done. They know that confidence breeds bold action, and they understand that without risk there is no reward. If you have confidence, you have influence and power.

    4. Can you communicate your message effectively? Influence is about communicating ideas and making them stick. The power of influential people comes from their communication. If you have a message that others resonate with, if you can use words to support your ideas and inspire others, you have a powerful tool at your disposal.

    5. Can you make uninteresting things sound compelling? How many people can take the mundane and make them interesting, or take the complex and make it compelling? Those with power tend to have that gift, and we follow them. In person or online, they know how to make things current and compelling.

    6. Do you have passion and enthusiasm? Passion is pure strength and power. When you see a person with passion, with enthusiasm, with a positive spirt, you know that nothing can stop them, because purpose follows passion.

    7. Do you have the power of persuasion? Influential people can persuade people to do things they normally wouldn’t do. When you can convince people, you’re likely to also end up converting them to your cause. Persuasion is an art of power, and it’s at its most elegant when those you’ve persuaded come away thinking the idea was theirs to begin with.

    Power comes to those who can influence–it originates in the ability to take action and to invite others to take action with you.


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    The Forgotten Skill That Will Make You a Better Leader 

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    It’s easy to tell a good leader from a bad one—but how do you tell a good leader from a great leader? That secret lies in their forgotten skill.

    Many people who move into leadership positions get caught up in thinking that power is the way to build great leadership, when in fact it’s just the opposite.

    Power come to those who are great leaders. It happens when they are able to take responsibility—not just for themselves but for others.

    As with so many things, if you have to tell people you’re in power, your power isn’t that genuine.

    If you aspire to achieve greatness in leadership, it’s a must that you develop a healthy relationship with power.

    Here are some of the hallmarks of the leaders who have done so:

    They create a framework others can follow.

    People need a map, a guide, a blueprint to help them know which direction they need to follow. It is the leader’s responsibility to show them a path and a vision. When you have that framework in place, it provides focus and discipline, and those who resonate with it will follow without being told.

    They’ve earned people’s trust.

    Earning trust is crucial; people need to have confidence in their leader. When there is no trust, people will alienate themselves from those in authority. Great leaders who have earned the trust and confidence of their people  know that their team is inspired, committed and motivated.

    They invite feedback and criticism.

    It’s the responsibility of a leader to invite open criticism. When you make it to the top, many people will tell you what you want to hear, but that’s not how you learn. Great leaders aren’t interested in the shallow validation of hearing how great they are. Instead, they take on the responsibility of making sure they know about their mistakes and weaknesses.

    They set the standard for integrity.

    It is a leader’s responsibility to implement, develop, monitor and enforce ethical behavior. Integrity starts from the top and moves throughout an organization. Responsible leaders hold a mindset that cares for the needs of others and takes citizenship seriously. Each action and word must meet a moral and ethical baseline.

    They know leadership is not about them.

    It’s about others. The leader may hold power and authority, but those things come with obligations. Leadership is ultimately an act of service. It’s impossible to treat it otherwise and achieve greatness.

    With great power comes great responsibility—not only to yourself but also to those you lead. As a leader, you must always be willing to show accountability and to respect and serve others. The true source of power is not titles or bank accounts but service and responsibility.

    Lead from within: The forgotten skill that will make you a better leader is knowing that the price of power is paid with responsibility. As Plato stated, the measure of man is what he does when he is in power.

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