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    2021 Trend: Pandemic Tech 

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    This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES – January 11-14) is all virtual because of COVID-10, but what’s most interesting is the rapid turn towards pandemic technology. It seems that the tech world has turned out in force to solve the challenges created by the pandemic.  What Is Pandemic Tech? Pandemic tech refers to technology that aims to fight the threats posed by pandemic infectious disease through identification, warnings, sanitization, management, and analysis of data.  There is actually a crowdsourced community of innovators that has named itself PandemicTec. These innovators are backed by a resource network dedicated to bridging the gap between the infectious disease community and the technology innovation ecosystem. Here are just a few of the incredibly high number … Continue reading2021 Trend: Pandemic Tech
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    How Digital Fitness Companies Thrive During 2020 

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    KARA Smart Mirror Because of COVID, gyms were forced to close their doors. Regular gym-goers have been seeking other ways to keep up their weight training and fitness regimens. Then there are those people who hadn’t concerned themselves much with being healthy and in shape before they found themselves in the middle of a pandemic. These individuals have received a wake-up call from a virus and have realized that they have a better chance of combatting COVID symptoms if they are healthy and fit. They can’t go to a gym but they can exercise at home.  Digital Fitness Provides an AnswerFitness instructors have been quick to move online, yoga classes have taken to Zoom, downloads of fitness apps have risen … Continue readingHow Digital Fitness Companies Thrive During 2020
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    Video: Tech Wellness Speech 

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    It was an honor to present at Techonomy category. in NYC this spring. If I had to assign three keywords to this event, it’s “Tech, Business, and Purpose”. They frequently made references to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we should all be aligning our efforts towards.

    In this short 12 minuted “TED” style speech, I spoke about the rising trend of Modern Wellbeing, where consumers are using technology to improve their own health and wellness. They’re leaning on powerful companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and hundreds of startups.

    I have a longer version, and even a workshop that I’ve presented to HR leaders, you can read my other related posts on this topic, under the Modern Wellbeing category.
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    Many Industries are Impacted by Modern Wellbeing 

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    I, along with my colleagues at Kaleido Insights, have started a new research stream (a series of publications) in the area of Modern Wellbeing. Technology is impacting yet another massive movement, which will cause significant ripples across society, economies, and business models.

    Over a decade ago, I was analyzing how social technology democratized information, forever changing communications, media, marketing, and even governments. About five years ago, I dove into deep on the Collaborative/Sharing Economy, where yet again, technology empowered humans to take commerce into their own hands, they could get what they needed from peers. Both of these trends continue to also have impact to the economy, society, human interactions and beyond.

    Now, I see yet another movement, the Modern Wellbeing market, which enables humans to take healthcare, mental care, physical care, directly into their own hands. They are (for better or for worse) self-analyzing their bodies and minds with consumer technologies, and relying on each other, and emerging AI systems to self-prescribe ways to help them be healthier, improve their mood, and beyond. We’ve interviewed over 50 startups and larger organizations in this space, and see this market shaping up, all across the globe.

    Interestingly, a number of industries are starting to take notice. Not just the typical ones you’d expect like healthcare, insurance, and pharma, but also some unlikely ones like:

    • Airlines are integrated mindfulness apps into entertainment units, and pre-boarding experience,
    • Auto companies are preparing for autonomous rides, with ability to shape a mood, or be productive,
    • Hotels are offering “Welltality” services to help customers calm, relax, or generate energy for the day,
    • Home developers are building smarter homes with soothing lights, air, and more, controlled via AI,
    • Offices are adhering to “Well” industry standards to improve employee wellness in environment and collaboration,
    • HR departments are offering solutions beyond a gym/medical access, they’re offering mindfulness, productivity programs,
    • Enterprise software companies, are considering how to integrate focus and mindfulness features into productivity tools,
    • Consumer packaged goods and retailers want to impact how consumers feel and change their lives,
    • Luxury brands are climbing up Maslow’s pyramid to unlock their brand promise beyond peer acceptance and esteem,
    • Media companies, gaming, and even social networking companies realize their impact on societal well being,

    You’ll see continued written insights from me on this blog about this newest trend that impacts all humans, and society as a whole, as well as on Twitter where I’ll share more up to date market findings. If you have a suggestion of where I should look, please send me a note at jeremiah@ kaleidoinsights.com

    The below infographic, which we’ve shared prior, is a great overview of how technology (AI, mixed reality, big data, social, IoT, blockchain and beyond) is and will impact our minds, bodies, communities and physical spaces around us.

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    Infographic: Modern Wellbeing 

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    Technology is creeping into every aspect of our lives. Now, it’s starting to impact our fitness, mindfulness, how we interact with others, and the physical design of spaces around us. I’ve been very passionate about fitness for the last few years, and am active in CrossFit, Spartan events and more, as a result, I’ve used many a technologies from hardware devices to software apps to track my performance.

    We’ve been researching this Modern Wellbeing (modern meaning, technology) for several months, and have helped a few clients on their innovation work in this arena. To best articulate the many changes we see in this market, we put together this visual diagram which illustrates how technology is integrating into our lives.

    The hi-res infographic is below, I encourage you to widely share it, pass it on to others, and even print it out as you go on a journey integrating technology with your life. If you want to learn more about our research on this topic, you could register on the Kaleido website.

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