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    When Is The Last Time You Thanked Your Assistant? 


    When is the last time you thanked your assistant? Expressing your gratitude could increase your productivity.

    I was in California speaking to a group of administrative assistants at a large corporation when one of the assistants told me how much a compliment from her executive means to her. She said, “When my executive tells me I’m doing a great job, I want to do even more for him.” “I want to go the extra mile; produce quality work; take things off my executive’s plate.”

    It may seem like a small thing to you, but it carries a great deal of weight to your assistant. Try to remember to let your administrative or executive assistant know when she or he has done something that is to your liking or meets your expectations. It will go a long way.

    When was the last time you thanked your assistant? We’d like to know in the comments below. 

    What’s stopping you from taking the time to thank your assistant?

    We’ve shared some insights into some of the biggest draw-back in these related articles.

    Are you too busy for the most important partner in your office?

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    Not sure how to express your gratitude? 5 Ways to say thank you to your assistant.

    Why do we care if you thank your assistant?

    Fun suggestions on where you can find your assistants strengths to compliment.

    121 Creative Ways To Reward Employees 


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    Your Administrative Assistant Is Your Greatest Asset 


    Your assistant is your greatest asset, or will be after you read this.

    In today’s fast-paced corporate world, many managers rely on the newest technology to help their company grow. Between e-mail, virtual assistants, smartphones, high-speed Internet connections and a host of other technological marvels, they mistakenly believe they are more independent than ever—making their own travel plans, managing their own Inbox, sending their own letters and scheduling their own meetings. In reality, however, these so-called independent managers have lost sight of the one asset that can truly impact the company’s bottom line: an empowered administrative assistant.

    Unfortunately many assistants (also known as administrative professionals) are not taken seriously. In order to make the most of your administrative professional and advance your company’s mission, you need to treat your assistant like a partner and develop their skills on a daily basis. Only then will they have the know-how and confidence to make decisions and take charge of challenges that arise during the day.

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    Following are the top 4 ways to foster growth in your partnership with your assistant.

    1. Have regular meetings. Conducting daily or weekly meetings allows your assistant to gain a broader perspective of your company’s goals and what is currently going on in the organization. Attending these meetings also keeps your assistant abreast of upcoming projects and the status of existing ones. Armed with this knowledge he or she can intelligently answer questions for clients, follow-up on action items, monitor the progress of upcoming projects and also remind you of important tasks.
    2. Provide continual and constructive feedback. Many managers and executives neglect to give their assistant any kind of feedback—positive or negative. While they may be able to critique a specific project the person worked on, they’re hesitant to give an individual the praise or correction needed. If you want your assistant to grow professionally, you need to let her or him know how their performance rates with you.
    3. Be a mentor. While you may have an abundance of company information, such as brochures, web site content and catalogs, your assistant ultimately looks to you to teach her or him about the organization and business in general. You can help by mentoring on a regular basis. For example, when you make a decision, explain to your assistant why and how you came to your decision.
    4. Establish goals and state your expectations. Your administrative professional truly wants to help you look good. It’s difficult for this person to meet your expectations when you don’t clearly communicate them. To make your administrative assistant a greater asset to your business, clearly state what needs to be accomplished and why.

    No matter how advanced your office becomes, your administrative assistant will always prove to be your greatest asset. When you encourage your assistant to become a true work partner, you will become more productive.

    Joan Burge

    Underneath_It_All_assistantThis article is an excerpt from the book, Underneath It All: Postgraduate Level Revelations Lift Administrative Assistants to New Heights. Authored by Joan Burge, Founder & CEO, Office Dynamics International

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    Tips To Keep Your Millennial Employees Committed and Engaged 


    It’s important that companies take into account workforce demographics, so they can effectively manage and utilize their talents for future growth. By 2020, 46 percent of your employees will be millennials. This new generation of workers are similar to older generations, as they desire adequate compensation, growth opportunities and challenging work.

    However, there are other factors that Millennials take into consideration when committing to a new job, including:

    • Wanting to make a difference in the community
    • Attaining a proper work-life balance
    • Ensuring team building opportunities
    • Having a creative work environment

    Here’s a list of tips for how to keep your millennial employees engaged in their work and committed to your company:

    Making a Difference

    When making job-related decisions, millennials take into consideration how a company engages with the community and embraces civic and social responsibilities. These younger employees want to be proud of their company’s presence and altruistic aspirations. As such, your company should invest time and resources into local charities, where employees can see the results of the investment.

    It’s also beneficial if you set up volunteer opportunities — within the company or around the community — so employees can feel more involved. Whenever possible, make sure your company is undertaking socially- and environmentally-responsible practices — from the provision of health and wellness accommodations for employees to using sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials within the office.

    Work-Life Balance

    Today, more and more millennials demand a proper work-life balance. After all, most employees tend to be more productive — and create higher-quality work in a shorter amount of time — if they’re not putting in endless hours in the office. Make sure your employees have an adequate amount of vacation, and create policies to limit after-hours work and communication that can disrupt employees’ time away from the office.

    Your employees would also benefit from working remotely, either entirely or a few days a week. With effective management technology — like Aspect’s Workforce Management Software — you can give your millennial employees more mobility and flexibility within their work. This management software also helps supervisors communicate with employees and quickly transmit schedule information through its mobile app platform.

    Team Building

    Millennial employees will invest more in their company if they, too, feel a sense of investment. Bolster the effectiveness of your company’s collaborative efforts through team-building opportunities. And, make some intentional moves of setting up these activities outside of work. You can organize weekend activities that appeal to your employees, such as outdoor recreation, art classes, or local festivals or events.

    Expensing these activities is an investment that will increase your employees’ dedication to work and ability to work well with one another. If your company doesn’t have a large enough budget for these team-building activities, holding annual holiday parties is another one-off expense you could implement for increased workplace satisfaction.

    Work Environment

    Work environment is key when it comes to employee motivation and job satisfaction. Large tech companies — like Google, Facebook and Amazon — provide workspaces for their employees that are well-designed, include specialty accommodations, and encourage creative engagement. Steer away cubicles, drab furniture and neutral colors.

    Instead, enlist the help of an interior designer, who can help your office be a representation of your company’s brand and bolster the liveliness of the space. Make sure you provide an opportunity for employee input when designing the space, as that will enhance their work performance and dedication.

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    Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day 


    Administrative Professionals_Day_Gift_IdeasFinding the perfect gift for your administrative assistant can be a daunting task since flowers and lunch no longer cut it. Today’s executive or administrative assistant wants a gift that is long-lasting. You might be thinking…. what about a cool coffee mug? Or what about a travel business tote or beautiful Levenger notepad and pen? Maybe you were considering a gift certificate to your assistant’s favorite restaurant or spa.

    While those might be lovely gifts, they don’t really have the same impact as the gift of education. And the gift of education does not come easy or often for your assistant. In fact, thousands of administrative assistants will never attend an in-depth training program, conference, or take an online course because his or her company won’t pay for it. How sad is that when you consider organizations will easily fund training for their executives and managers? Yet, the administrative assistants who support them every day, rarely let them down and give with their heart, get little training.

    If you want to be a stand-out executive with your assistant, I highly recommend giving one of the following gifts for Administrative Professionals Day or Week:


    If you’re an administrative professional, please leave a comment below and let the world know what you would like for Administrative Professionals Day!

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    How to Provide Valuable Feedback to Your Employees 


    Constructive feedback might be one of the most powerful ways to keep your business team on track. The benefits it brings are making it truly worthwhile. Therefore, skipping the feedback process may lead to significant damages to your company.

    You see…the productivity and results of your company are solely your responsibility. Being the owner or the manager of a company gives you access to all information.

    Whenever you want to improve your company, you need to first look at your employees. Are they doing a good job? How productive were they during the last months?

    You need to figure out whether your team stays on track and does what it is supposed to do. Then, you should prepare a constructive feedback plan and start improving your employees

    But you see, there’s a common issue when it comes to feedback. Most of the employees are afraid of feedback. Why’s that?

    Several reasons for that:

    • They might perceive feedback differently, giving it a negative association.
    • They might have had toxic feedback during their previous jobs.
    • They might feel inferior when they receive advice from someone else.

    You Need to Do it Right

    Many employees see feedback as unpleasant or terrifying. That’s wrong. This feeling should never persist because that’s not what feedback is.

    Feedback can be pleasant in case the communication is efficient. The one who gives feedback (you) must definitely create the proper environment conditions and also approach the situation with much professionalism.

    Applying certain strategies while giving feedback will enhance the results that come from your actions. After all, you’re looking to improve your business. This can easily be done if you decide to minimize the negative aspects of your employees and flourish the positive ones.

    Here are some insights on how to create a powerful and productive experience for your employee through feedback:

    Create Rapport and Trust

    According to a study performed by Columbia University, which has been cited during the Neuro Leadership Summit, suggests that employees apply the feedback they get only 30% of the times.

    This is a cause of stress and fear that comes with the feedback. But if the interview is constructive, valuable, and friendly, the person is much more likely to make changes.

    That is why you should try to create rapport and trust between you and your employees.

    • Make them feel comfortable.
    • Always speak to them in person and without any audience around.
    • Be their leader, not their harsh boss. There’s a difference.

    Start with Their Accomplishments

    Before you start engaging your employees, do your homework first. Make sure that you prepare a few positive comments that refer strictly to their performance.

    Julie Petersen, the founder of essay writing blog advises starting with something like “I just wanted you to know that I’ve observed the recent improvements that you have made in X activity”. Give them acknowledgment for their efforts and make them feel valuable.

    After you have relaxed them enough with a friendly discussion, jump to the point of your discussion and let them know that you’d like to discuss a few matters. Let them understand that they’ll receive feedback, so they’ll pay more attention.

    Invite Them to Express their Ideas and Opinions

    A constructive feedback is always a discussion instead of a monolog. After you state the important points of the discussion, start explaining them carefully. Let your employees hear what you have to say, pay very close attention, and remember the important requests.

    When you’re done talking, you must encourage them to respond to your feedback. Let them know that they’re absolutely free to object. They should never be afraid to comment back on something. Make sure that you give them this safety feeling, and encourage them to engage.

    Also, make sure to ask for their ideas. Who knows? Maybe some of them hold the keys to doubling your business productivity.

    Define a Concise Development Plan

    When you give feedback, it’s essential to know what you want to change. You need to make your own plan, your own agenda and take transcribe those plans to your employees.

    Whenever you want to create change, figure out the actions and solutions. Make it even easier for your employees to develop and offer them the ways to do what you want them to do.

    The change which comes as a result of this strategy is very quick. That is because your employees don’t have to look for the solutions themselves. They have already received them from you, and they only have to apply them!

    The only way you can create change within your company is to let your employees know that change is required. You’re the boss, and you do the rules.

    That doesn’t mean that you should give them a tough time in the process – quite the opposite. Make them feel valuable to the company and improve their mindset and skills as you encourage them.

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