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    (Re)Defining Digital Transformation in a Data-driven Era 

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    Digital Transformation Defined

    If you’ve read the myriad definitions of digital transformation and thought they sounded a decade old, you’re right. Many of the definitions, while certainly appropriate at the time, were focused on digitization over transformation (aka turning paper into PDFs). As a result, the definitions have become either too narrowly scoped or rich with meaningless buzzwords. 

    At Kaleido Insights, we think it’s time to refine the definition of digital transformation to better reflect the data-driven era we find ourselves in. We’ve interviewed scores of business and technology leaders to gather inputs, as well as engaged in discussion on social media. The result is a working definition (read: it will keep evolving!) that speaks to the modern-day innovator’s charter: 

    Digital Transformation:
    A technological, cultural, and operational shift in which organizations leverage data to deliver customer value, innovate with agility, and sustain vitality.
    -Kaleido Insights, 2019

    We specifically focused on the changes that are happening to culture inside of an organization as a result of disruptive, data-rich technology adoption across the ecosystem. In our body of research around corporate innovation, the employee mindset and the way people work was the core aspect that needed to change for digital transformation to be successful. 

    We also focused more on data vs. point technologies, as it is truly the driving force behind digital transformation’s value to customers and employees alike. After analyzing how companies are pushing to lead their market, it became apparent that they were striving to maintain vitality, a word that aptly describes strength, being active, energy, and continuance of life.

    We want to hear from you. Does this definition speak to what you’re trying to achieve along the digital transformation journey? We’ll continually revisit this definition to ensure it encapsulates the goals and experiences of change agents like you.

    And, if you need help in digitally transforming, we’re here for that too. We work with companies on their digital transformation efforts, through our advisory work, our Digital Directive research service, and thought-provoking speeches. Contact us today.

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    Digital Transformation = Culture & Business Model Change 

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    Digital Directive, Digital Transformation Scope by Kaleido Insights
    Digital Directive, Digital Transformation Scope by Kaleido Insights

    Many companies talk about “Digital Transformation” but use it in a limited fashion, such as: just turning paper into PDFs or using web tools to communicate to customers, but in the end, the core culture, and even business model has changed.

    The scope of digital transformation is wide: In our offering the Digital Directive, we’ve segmented it in seven major modules (each spans multi-departments), for a total of 60 criteria in how we scan this for companies in our Digital Diagnostic offering.

    The seven modules you must analyze include:

    Strategy, Data, Customer Experience, Organizational Alignment, Analytics & AI, People & Culture and Innovation. Data, Customer Experience, Organizational Alignment, Analytics & AI, People & Culture and Innovation.

    In the interviews we’ve completed to generate this list, the most commonly overlooked item is the mindset of workers, managers and leaders to be a “digital first” culture.

    What is a “digital first culture? this means: making decisions based on data analysis, understanding how to harness information and data as a product not just physical assets, rapid iteration, acceptance of failure as a means for progress, and developing a culture that is pliable and nimble. In the end, the company has developed new ways to go to market, resulting in new offerings, and even new business models.

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    Introducing: Digital Directive, Benchmark and Roadmap 

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    I’m excited to announce our latest offering, the Digital Directive a digital transformation diagnostic and roadmap.

    After years of research reports, and dozens of meetings with decision makers on our new offering, I’m proud to announce our company, Kaleido Insights is launching a new offering called the “Digital Directive”

    We help digital and innovation leaders at large companies, by benchmarking the digital maturity of a company (over 60 criteria based on our existing body of research), document on a scorecard, and provide an actionable roadmap. A few quarters later, we come back and rescore the company, demonstrating the improvements of the program.

    I’m honored to have partnered with my business partners Jaimy Szymanski, and Jessica Groopman to develop this offering and help companies move forward with their digital efforts. Below are some key screenshots of the offering, and if nou wanted to learn more, please email me at jeremiah@kaleidoinsights,com.

    The Digital Directive Scorecard we provide demonstrates a company’s maturity. Not shown: the customized roadmap to improve a company’s digital efforts,
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