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    18 Books Every Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant Should Read 

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    Office Dynamics has put together a list of books for administrative assistants and executive assistants that will help you with your professional development and personal life.

    Because we had so many great choices we decided to make it a little easier for you to find what you are looking for by breaking the blog into two sections. The first half of the blog contains titles that are dedicated towards the administrative assistant and executive assistant while the second half of the blog contains titles that are general to career and business but very applicable to the administrative profession.


    Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed by Joan Burge

    In Joan’s 5th book for administrative assistants and executive assistants, the red-lipstick-wearing Rock Star, and pioneer of administrative excellence exposes the game-changing truths and unwritten rules you need to know in order to maximize your potential. In an unapologetic, uncompromising, no-holds-barred style, Joan shares never before revealed career stories and life lessons in a tell-all book that will challenge your perspective and teach you how to master your craft and triumph in today’s business environment. What are you waiting for? The world is waiting for you.

    This is Joan’s newest book for administrative assistants and is great for all levels.

    Click here to purchase Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed.


    Why Took My Pen…Again? By Joan Burge, Nancy Fraze, and Jasmine Freeman

    Amazon Best Seller

    This book is for executive assistants written by executive assistants! Overflowing with secrets, tips, and tools of the profession, this book is a ready resource created by those who “walk the walk and talk the talk” of the complex administrative professional role. They really “get it.”  Inspired by the Office Dynamics 18th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, themed The Path Forward: Adding Value Every Day, the authors drew on the attendees’ knowledge as well as their own years of experience to develop the content for this book.

    Who Took My Pen … Again? offers practical, creative strategies for achieving success and building leadership attributes, compiled from the diverse experiences of high-achieving administrative professionals in a wide variety of businesses and industries, representing four generations of experienced and highly-seasoned executive assistants. It will change your life.

    Click here to purchase Who Took My Pen…Again?


    Become An Inner Circle Assistant by Joan Burge

    Earn Inner Circle status, thrive in your profession, be visible and recognized as a star performer. Joan Burge brings almost 35 years of experience in the administrative field to this groundbreaking book! The words Inner Circle conjure up visions of an exclusive group of people whose achievements are admired and rewarded. The Inner Circle Assistant title doesn’t show up on any organizational chart but she’s the woman or, the man, of the hour. The people who support company movers and shakers have the opportunity to move into an Inner Circle and this book outlines the steps to get there as well as thrive in the position. It is a book of strategy and workplace philosophy that will help administrative professionals become top performers in work and in their careers. This book for administrative and executive assistants is filled with road maps for success, scoring quizzes, real-life stories and examples.

    Click here to purchase Become An Inner Circle Assistant.


    Underneath It All by Joan Burge

    In this cutting-edge book, Joan Burge intimately shares with administrative professionals the bottom line to achieving success and maintaining your edge in a worthwhile career. Joan Burge gets to the core of what’s ‘Underneath It All’ when it comes to living a life of significance as an administrative professional and individual. In a chaotic world where everything seems urgent and important, Joan has learned through the difficult journey of helping her husband battle pancreatic cancer, what matters most. She intimately shares with administrative professionals the bottom line to achieving success and maintaining your edge in a worthwhile career. You’ll read why it’s essential to maintain your competitive advantage and how continual improvement makes it possible. You will explore key points with Joan that lead to success in the administrative profession and you’re likely to wonder who switched on the lights?

    Click here to purchase Underneath it All.


    The Innovative Admin by Julie Perrine

    If you want to be the admin every executive wants by their side, The Innovative ADMIN is for you! You’ll learn how to embrace innovative thinking that makes you invaluable to your boss, your co-workers and your company. The Innovative ADMIN empowers you to become the best you can be by enhancing your capacity for innovation! Innovation isn’t just for technology – it’s the key to your career future.

    Click here to purchase The Innovative ADMIN.


    Become A Procedures Pro: The Admin’s Guide to Developing Effective Office Systems and Procedures

    Does taking time off lead to more stress than relaxation because you’re worried what will (or won’t) happen at the office while you’re gone? Are you looking for a way to demonstrate the skills and value you contribute to your organization and team? Do you want to be ready to act if your dream job suddenly becomes available? If the answer is “yes,” then you need to create your administrative procedures, and this book can help!

    Click here to order Become A Procedures Pro: The Admin’s Guide to Developing Effective Office Systems and Procedures.


    The Organized Admin by Julie Perrine

    Are you struggling to create order in the disorganized chaos that is your workspace? Do you want more effective systems for keeping yourself and your executive organized? Do you want to better understand your unique organizing style?

    If you answered, “yes” to these questions, The Organized Admin is for you!

    Click here to purchase The Organized Admin.


    Not “ An Admin!” by Peggy Vasquez

    In this book, Peggy will empower you by sharing her knowledge and experience, entertain you with humor, and inspire you through passion. Peggy’s objective is to help administrative assistants feel valued and know their contribution makes a difference. It is her desire to eliminate the saying, “I’m just an admin.”

    Click here to purchase Not “Just An Admin!”


    The Proactive Professional: How to Stop Playing Catch Up and Start Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life!) by Chrissy Scivicque

    In business, the advice to “be proactive” is repeated like a sacred mantra. And yet, no one ever bothers to explain exactly what that means or how to do it…until now. 

    The Proactive Professional reveals all the missing pieces of the proactivity puzzle and offers a step-by-step actionable framework for becoming proactive at work and in life. 

    Click here to order The Proactive Professional: How to Stop Playing Catch Up and Start Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life!).


    Build Your Professional Development Plan Workbook – The Ultimate Career Planning Tool by Chrissy Scivicque

    **Also includes bonus material: Build Your Professional Portfolio Guide**
    Created by career coach, Chrissy Scivicque, this step-by-step guide helps you create and implement an effective, personalized professional development plan. This workbook offers detailed training on specific, proven techniques and strategies that will help you grow your professional skills and achieve your career goals. It includes comprehensive instruction on how to create and implement an effective career plan, along with tools, templates and resources so you’ll have everything you need to achieve the professional success you long for now and in the future. 

    With this workbook, you won’t just LEARN IT, you’ll DO IT.

    Click here to order Build Your Professional Development Plan Workbook – The Ultimate Career Planning Tool.

    This is the second half of the blog that has books for administrative assistants and executive assistants but is a bit more generalized in consideration to professional and personal development. These titles come highly recommended from the Office Dynamics team.


    18 Days to Become a Better Writer by Barbara McNichol (eBook)

    Absorb these 18 solid writing techniques—one a day for 18 days—and you’ll gain skills toward your next career step. The techniques come together in this 18-day mini-program; you simply pick the start and end time.

    Click here to purchase 18 Days to Become a Better Writer.


    Word Trippers E-Book by Barbara McNichol

    This easy-to-use word choice guide features almost 400 pesky pairings that commonly get confused. You’ll find answers to questions such as:

    • Do you use “fewer” or “less” when counting things?
    • When is “that” used instead of “which” in a sentence?
    • Can “famous” and “notorious” be interchanged?
    • Do “convince” and “persuade” mean the same thing?

    With Word Trippers at your fingertips, you won’t embarrass yourself or confuse your readers. Don’t waste (or is it waist?) time wondering which word is right. Quickly choose the perfect word when it really matters!

    Click here to order Word Trippers E-Book.


    How to be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life by Pat Williams and Jim Denney

    While many recent biographies of Walt Disney have reveled in the negative, this book takes an honest but positive look at the man behind the myth. For the first time, the book pulls together all the various strands of Disney’s life into one straightforward, easy-to-read tale of imagination, perseverance, and optimism. Far from a preachy or oppressive tome, this book scrapes away the minutiae to capture the true magic of a brilliant maverick.

    Click here to purchase How to be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life.


    The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

    No gimmicks. No Hyperbole. No Magic Bullet. The Compound Effect is a distillation of the fundamental principles that have guided the most phenomenal achievements in business, relationships, and beyond. This easy-to-use, step-by-step operating system allows you to multiply your success, chart your progress, and achieve any desire. If you’re serious about living an extraordinary life, use the power of The Compound Effect to create the success you want.

    Click here to order The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.


    13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do: Own Your Power, Channel Your Confidence, and Find Your Authentic Voice for a Life of Meaning and Joy by Amy Morin

    Amy reveals that healthy, mentally tough women don’t insist on perfection; they don’t compare themselves to other people; they don’t see vulnerability as a weakness; they don’t let self-doubt stop them from reaching their goals. Wise, grounded, and essential, 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do can help every woman flourish—and ultimately improve our society as well.

    Click here to order 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do.


    Disrupt Aging: A Bold New Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age by Jo Ann Jenkins

    In Disrupt Aging, Jenkins focuses on three core areas–health, wealth, and self–to show us how to embrace opportunities and change the way we look at getting older. Here, she chronicles her own journey and that of others who are making their mark as disrupters to show readers how we can be active, healthy, and happy as we get older. Through this powerful and engaging narrative, she touches on all the important issues facing people 50+ today, from caregiving and mindful living to building age-friendly communities and making our money last.

    Click here to order Disrupt Aging: A Bold New Path to Living Your Best Life at Every Age.


    Successful Women Speak Differently: 9 Habits That Build Confidence, Courage, and Influence by Valorie Burton

    The most successful women are often not the most talented, the most gifted, or even the most experienced. What these women have is a knack for communicating that opens doors and gives them influence. 

    Gleaning from powerful research, bestselling author and life strategist Valorie Burton unearths practical insights you can put to work in your life immediately.

    Click here to order Successful Women Speak Differently: 9 Habits That Build Confidence, Courage, and Influence.

    successful women_think_differently

    Popular author and professional certified coach Valorie Burton knows that successful women think differently. They make decisions differently. They set goals differently and bounce back from failure differently. Valorie is dedicated to help women create new thought processes that empower them to succeed in their relationships, finances, work, health, and spiritual life.

    Click here to order Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier, and More Resilient.

    Please share this article with anyone that you may think it could help. If you have any books that you think should have made this list,  please post it in the comments below and tell us why you love that book so much!

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    How do I Write Admin Goals? – Ask an Admin 

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    This week we are going to post two questions from different administrative professionals so we can get those helpful answers to them more quickly!

    The first question comes from Velma, and she asks:

    How do I write “Admin Goals?” Most companies want you to submit S.M.A.R.T. goals but admin duties are ongoing and don’t have completion dates (unless it is a specific task).

    Ok, interesting question. I can see where Velma is getting confused but as administrative assistants setting goals there needs to be a focus not just on the tasks but maybe the individuals growth? Let’s get this administrative assistant help and give some great answers!

    The second question comes from Ms. Jordan, and her question is:

    What is the best way to deal with double standards (do as I say, not as I do) in the workplace?

    Wow. Great question! This happens more than we like it to, so how do we deal with that. How do administrative assistants and executive assistants deal with double standards in the workplace?

    About Ask an Admin:

    Ask an Admin will be a weekly post on our blog that presents a question that you or a fellow administrative professional submitted to us. We will choose one question per week and post it on our blog.

    If you have a question that you would like to submit, please send it to officedynamics.aaa@gmail.com and include the name you would like us to use.

    If you want to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss any posts, please visit https://officedynamics.com/blog/ and subscribe in the right-hand column.

    ATTENTION: If you’ve submitted your response on our Ask an Admin blog post, please be patient to see your response and other responses. We have to manually approve them to prevent spammers and profanity. If you do not see your response right away, please give it time and revisit. We apologize for this but this is the best way we can keep YOUR blog clean! Thank you, everyone!

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    Coaching for Executive Assistants 

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    I am happy to say that more executives are investing in their assistants by providing one-on-one coaching for them. Over the past two years, Office Dynamics has done more on-site coaching for executive assistants than we have done in the past seven years! And we continue to get more calls for this type of work.

    I love it when an executive is willing to make this kind of investment. It says that the executive and organization truly value this assistant and want to give them the tools to help them be even more effective. Typically, how this happens is that an organization will call Office Dynamics and their HR or executive will talk to us specifically about the situation or what skills they would like their assistant to develop. We provide executive assistant coaching on everything from being more assertive to professional image, communications, leadership, time management and building a partnership with the executive.

    When I or one of the Office Dynamics trainers goes on site, we sit at the assistant’s workspace for at least one day and sometimes two days and observe everything that goes on in the space. We learn how the assistant manages day-to-day processes and make recommendations for greater efficiency when necessary. We observe how the executive and assistant interact and how they manage their day. We spend private time with the assistant to learn what works well for him or her and what creates barriers to their productivity.

    After several hours of working with the assistant, we meet with the executive and the assistant to share our observations and our recommendations on how they can work more strategically and increase productivity on both sides. The last step is we help the assistant write a Professional Development Plan. This is detailed and maps out specific action steps the assistant will take. We use this information for a 30-, 60- and 90-day follow-up call with the assistant and the executive to track progress.

    Some of the changes we have seen take place are:

    • Communication with CEO
      • Had business cards made for myself and gave to CEO to travel with and distribute
      • Expressed ideas and opinions to improve processes
      • Clarify instructions to prevent rework
    • Managing CEO’s email
      • Re-edit subject line
      • Archiving old email
      • Set up priority Alert on mobile
    • Calendar Management
      • View calendars with a holistic approach
      • Enforcing my role as manager of the calendars
      • Implemented meeting/events and speaking engagement checklist
      • Pay attention to post meeting action plan, follow up
      • Constantly confirming and reconfirming meetings in case of any changes
    • Managing CEO’s office and personal life more seamlessly
      • Created a process to manage CEO’s life while I’m away
      • Continuous reminders given
      • Implemented ABC priority with work load but priorities constantly get shifted as more tasks are added
      • Successfully organized workspace
    • Create an environment that people are cognitive of my authority
      • Boundaries established
      • Assertive communication with colleagues
      • Redirect people to other resources
      • Reinforcing office policies

    On-site coaching is probably the most effective way to create change specific to an assistant’s situation because we are right here in your space seeing exactly what you deal with and how your day flows. The payoff is huge.

    Should your executive ever bring in a coach for you, see it as a good thing! On the other hand, you might request some private coaching. If in person is beyond your budget, we also provide coaching via conference calls. You may also want to invest your own funds to enlist a coach. I have had various types of coaches since I was in my 20s. They were always a great investment for me.


    The post Coaching for Executive Assistants appeared first on Office Dynamics.

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    Executive and Administrative Assistant Skills That Are Important to Executives 

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    While administrative and executive assistants have a very good feel for the skills they need to do their job effectively, I like to hear from executives and get their perspective, which is important. I often survey managers and high-level executives on the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are most important for an assistant to possess.  Here are some non-edited, direct quotes from them demonstrating the skills that are important to executives. See how you measure up! 


    What skills are important to your executive?

    “It is very important for my assistant to be “smarter” than most. The ability to organize and prioritize is right behind SMART! You have to organize to be able to know what is in front of you. Since there is always more than you can get done, the ability to prioritize is critical. The most important ability an assistant has to learn to do is to figure out what NOT to do. Throw those items out of the boat and prioritize the rest.”

    Communication skills, both oral and written, are a must  have. It almost goes unsaid that if you cannot communicate in a clear, timely and concise manner you will never make it.”

    Technological skills are a must  have to keep up with the pace and dynamics of the job. You are not trying to keep up with yourself, but usually the department. The right tools and the common sense to apply them appropriately are a given in any role today.”

    Toughness is key. The job is usually under-rated. You are steering the ship. Suck it up and make it work.”

    The ability to be a team player in the larger sense of the corporate mission, goals and objectives. It’s not about your desk, but the big desk in the sky. You are a little fish in a big pond that can really make a difference!”

    Big picture and detail-oriented at the same time. One ability without the other will not work.”

    Ask your executive for their Top 5 Most Important Administrative Skills.

    For fun, you might ask your executive to name the top 5 skills that are most important when it comes to an administrative or executive assistant. You can also ask them about the traits, attitudes and behaviors that are most important. Then see how you measure up.

    Good luck!


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    Teach Your Executive How to Work with You 

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    Today, I thought I’d take a little different spin and share with you an excerpt from a chapter in my newest book for assistants, Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed.

    In my early days as a secretary I didn’t know how to teach my executives how to work with me or what I needed. However, at 26, thanks to an awesome executive, I learned how a strategic partnership should work and I taught every executive after that how to work with me. Here are a few quick tips.

    • Ask for challenging assignments. Sometimes executives just don’t think to give you challenging assignments. Or often they are thinking about the time they will have to spend to teach you. I’m here to tell you, I often asked my executives to give me more, teach me, and that I would handle it. This is a huge benefit to you because you grow your skill set. You become a more valuable asset because now they are relying on you for that task or piece of the project. It also keeps you from getting bored at work, which is the worst thing to happen!
    • Maintain your processes even during busy times. You and your executive should have clear processes on every aspect of the typical tasks that need to be performed. For years I have coached executives and assistants how to implement processes on everything from daily huddles to debrief meetings, managing email, travel planning, and holding quarterly strategic meetings. What often happens is when work or business gets really crazy, processes get put aside such as regular huddles. That is when I notice the most problems occur. So first, you must have excellent processes in place. Second, stick with your processes. Or if you get off schedule because of heavy executive travel, get back on schedule as soon as possible.
    • Demonstrate what you can do for them. Don’t always ask for permission. For example, maybe you can think of a better way to spruce up your executive’s PowerPoint presentation. Don’t ask if it’s okay to change it, just change it. Show it to him. Let your executive see what you are capable of doing.
    • Communicate your desire to help and be a business partner. Don’t wait to be asked to the party. Let your executive know you want to create this partnership and the benefits both of you will derive from doing so. Now not every executive or manager will want this partnership. If you support multiple managers, you won’t have the time to build strategic partnerships with each of them. I can safely say, though, that today’s progressive leaders want to have a partnership. They have a more modern approach, which is the perfect opportunity for you to speak up.

    This week, look for ways to teach your executive how to better work with you.



    This blog is from our Monday Motivators™, which is a weekly email sent from Joan Burge that gives you a little kick start to the week. These emails will include work advice, life advice, and sometimes how to find that good balance. To subscribe to Monday Motivators™ please click the button below.

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