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    Overcoming Your Leadership Gap 

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    Today my special guest is Lolly Daskal, author of The Leadership Gap.

    Lolly is the founder of Lead from Within, a successful leadership firm that offers custom-made programs in leadership and organizational development. She is a leadership coach, speaker and has written for a handful of online publications, including Fast Company, Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

    We talked about her story, how she found her uniqueness, her own gifts and strengths, how she broke through limiting beliefs from her childhood, her take on sales, and a whole lot more.

    We really enjoyed our conversation that we actually have decided to record a follow-up episode, so be sure to click the subscribe button below!


    On building a personal brand

    “People that help others become thought leaders sometimes don’t think of themselves as a brand.”

    “It wasn’t until somebody asked me, ‘Who are you, Lolly, in the world?’ that I realized that I might be too much behind the scenes and not so much as a brand.

    Then I created a website. I was like, ‘What am I going to put on my website?’

    Then I started to tweet about thing that were happening with my clients, but what should I say about my clients? So I was in this what’s called an abyss. I wasn’t sure how do I take what I do and create a brand from it.”

    “I had to find what was different about me, what made me successful, and create the brand from there. That’s how it started, but I never knew I had to do that.”

    The nonlinear journey to success

    “I got kicked out of a lot of boardrooms. I didn’t get booked that often; I had to go to Europe to spread the message there about heart-based leadership and leading from within. It didn’t matter how many people were in your organization that everybody was a leader and everybody can have a say and that’s how you not only survive, but thrive.

    …It wasn’t until people saw the results that people started to trust it. It’s not so much about how I come into an organization; it’s how I leave an organization that matters.

    If they make money, if I can take them to the next level, if I can keep their employees engaged in a high level, that’s a win-win situation for them. How I get them there, at this point, they didn’t even care.”

    Leading from within

    “My unique thing is that lead from within; that every single person, no matter what position they’re in, no matter what business they have, they are a leader. If you’re influencing someone and you’re impacting someone, I believe you are a leader in your life. And that message was something very unique to what I was saying.”

    “Lead from within is a very interesting concept because if I tell you that you can be the leader in any situation that you choose to be, listen to the words I used – choose to be. That means leadership is within you, but we don’t always choose it.

    I found that people didn’t know what to choose. It’s one thing to tell someone you’re a leader; it’s another thing to know how to show up.”

    Removing limiting beliefs that hold you back

    “As a psychologist and a student of philosophy, what I have learned is that we are not born with limiting beliefs. We come in thinking we could do anything. If you ever look at a really young child, they do the most miraculous things because they don’t think anything is going to stop them, so they take risks, they walk into walls, they eat dirt – they do everything, right?

    And you’re like, “What are you doing?”

    There’s nothing telling them they can’t do it and it’s a NO.”

    “We know who we are. But what I find is, those negative messages that we have now internalized and we keep projecting all the time, that if we don’t own it, it owns us.”

    “Ask yourself, “Is that really true?” Because if it’s not, it’s time to get rid of it, because otherwise, it owns you. “

    Lolly’s view on sales

    I believe sales is human-to-human connection; I don’t think of it as sales. I don’t think of I am going to sell you something. What I’m going to do is I’m going to bring you something that will impact your life for the better.


    Connect with Lolly Daskal on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Visit Lolly’s website https://www.lollydaskal.com/ and https://www.theleadershipgapbook.com/

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    12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Goal Setting & Branding for 2017 

    In this brief webinar with Office Dynamics, we cover quick and impactful tips on goal setting and branding. This video will help prepare you for 2017 and it can’t help but put you in the holiday spirit, too.

    Watch the webinar replay, Goal Setting and Branding for 2017

    goal setting

    Resources From the Goal Setting Webinar

    Do you struggle with interruptions when you take time to learn at your desk? Try this free printable inspired by one of our webinar attendees.

    DOWNLOAD Training In Progress Printable: training-in-progress-sign-office-dynamics

    HANDOUT DOWNLOAD: day-2-goal-setting-and-professional-image-handout

    CHAT ARCHIVE DOWNLOAD: day-2-chat-archive-12-days

    CERTIFICATE DOWNLOAD: certificate-of-attendance-goal-setting-and-professional-image


    Special Offer From the Goal Setting Webinar


    No coupon code necessary. Add the item to your cart and the price will be reduced.

    Watch the 12 Days Webinar Series

    Did you miss Day 1? Check out the replay here, Get Control of Your Day Replay.

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    Natural Language Domain Names are the Only Platforms Freelancers + Other Providers Need 

    Over the last decade, the Social Media industry birthed many groups to serve content providers. The birth of the social media industry resulted in many realize that the audience gave way to participants. Nearly everyone is now creating sharing, chatting, rating and ranking alongside the mainstream media. Just as we saw in the social media and blogging industry the rise of organizations to cater to these new influencers, such as Blogher, Federated Media, Peers, Izea to offer events, gifts, sample products, services, and more, we’re seeing it repeat.

    Now, the Collaborative Economy industry is birthing many groups to help service providers. That same metaphor is now repeating in the Collaborative Economy, individuals, called “micro-entrepreneurs” or “freelancers” or “Makers” or “hosts/drivers/taskrabbits” and more are now creating their own goods, experiences, alongside the Fortune 500. To help standardize the language being used in the Collaborative Economy, these folks are called Providers, who provide rides, homes, goods, services, and more to Partakers…


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