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    Communicating In Style, With Style 

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    The word communicate is derived from the Latin word, communis, meaning commonness. When we are communicating, we are trying to establish commonness with others. We are trying to share information, encourage or inspire others, build rapport or persuade someone to make a change or see our point of view. In order to accomplish this, you will want to consider if the receiver has a preferred communication style so you can tap into it.


    Some people are detailed thinkers and like to communicate lots of details. While they may think they are being effective with the receiver, the receiver might be thinking, “Information overload. Please stop.” Actually, that would be my reaction. I am a big-picture thinker. I think of the details but that comes after the big picture. And I prefer people to communicate with me in a big-picture fashion. If I want more details, I will ask for them. Of course, it helps me a lot that my assistant, Melia, is a detailed thinker.


    I have been teaching administrative assistants about communication styles for more than two decades. I teach this in our Star Achievement Series® course and in our World Class Assistant course. Both of these are certification courses. In class, attendees get to complete an assessment to see if they have a preferred communication style. And if so, how to communicate with that person to be most effective.


    If you would like to see if you have a preferred style, here is a link to the assessment. https://officedynamics.com/pdfs/communication-style-13.pdf


    Here is a small sampling of the characteristics of each color. You will notice some distinct differences. Please keep in mind this has to do with communication, not personality.




    Concrete, impulsive, risk taker. Wants to know the short-term objectives of a project. Doesn’t like indecision and vagueness in others. Take charge type, self-assured. Quick to act; spontaneous; likes to be in control; doesn’t like advice; uninterested in personal feeling.



    Empathetic, personal, intuitive. Emphasis on human relationships and feeling when communicating. Enjoys friendly, informal relationships with everyone. Doesn’t like rigid, bureaucratic, unfeeling management. Full of ideas; dislikes telling people unpleasant things; seeks harmony.



    Introspective, creative, conceptual. They easily make associations. Enjoys expressing ideas. Asks questions for understanding. Responds poorly to authoritative management. Can take small pieces of information and form a whole. Good listener; need to be unique; often unrealistic.



    Precise, analytical, impersonal. Likes consistency and logic. Prefers clear procedures, rules and regulations. Wants guidelines and structure. Needs to know deadlines.  Principled, cautious, prefers working alone; likes problem-solving; unemotional.


    Learning about and understanding, if someone has a preferred style, is very powerful. Here are ways to use your new understanding of communication style.


    • Complement your executive’s preferred style. For example, if your executive prefers the red communication style which is big picture, then hopefully you can “balance” their style with being more of a detailed thinker. This means that you would ask more questions to get more information from your executive. Or you would think of things that your executive has not thought about.


    • Build rapport with internal and external customers. If we truly want to build rapport with others, we will consider if they have a preferred communication style. If they do have a preference, then you will want to communicate in their style so they are open to your ideas and want to work with you.


    • Tailor messages so they’re best received, and most easily understood, by different communication styles. Whether communicating verbally or in writing, you would tailor your message to a person’s preferred communication style. Here are some examples of how you would tailor your messages based on the communication colors.


    Red: big picture; short and to the point; be business-like.


    Yellow: emphasize feelings; be friendly; don’t hurry the discussion.


    Blue: informal; casual; provide small bits of information.


    Green: structured; don’t rush them; be organized and precise.


    • Break through social barriers to outstanding job performance by promoting mutual understanding and even greater respect for different communication styles and unique cultures.


    • Enhance your persuasive techniques so you can influence decisions and make a more positive impact on the workplace.


    Best of luck!



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    Administrative Training Sources – Friends of Office Dynamics 

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    We recently posted a blog that listed free training sources we provide;

    6 Free Training Sources for Administrative and Executive Assistants

    At Office Dynamics, it is our goal to elevate the level of the administrative profession through knowledge and training but that got us thinking, “What else can we do?”

    So, we are going to provide you with links to some of our friends that you can use for your professional and personal life.




    Word Trippers – Barbara McNichol

    Barbara and Office Dynamics have been working together to help improve the ability of the administrative and executive assistant with Barbara’s writing expertise.

    Barbara provides several different resources for you to enhance your writing ability and take you to the next level. Please visit her site and learn how you can improve your writing skills.

    Visit Word Trippers



    All Things Admin – Julie Perrine

    Julie Perrine is another affiliate of Office Dynamics that we just love to have around.

    Julie’s printed books, The Innovative Admin, The Organized Admin, and Become a Procedures Pro can be found in our Success Store.

    Another great source of information and knowledge!

    Visit All Things Admin


    Executive Secretary Magazine– Lucy Brazier

    With a history of cross-promotion, the Executive Secretary Magazine and Office Dynamics team have been working very hard to encourage the administrative field with forward progress and thinking.

    Lucy has a database of blogs, information, and education.

    Visit The Executive Secretary


    Admin to Admin – Lisa Olsen

    Lisa Olsen is not only the CEO of Admin to Admin but also the talented and entertaining emcee of multiple Office Dynamics Conferences.

    Admin to Admin offers a large selection of programs to learn from as well as the Admin to Admin Book Club!

    You would be missing out if you didn’t visit!

    Visit Admin to Admin


    AdminUniverse™ – Joanne Linden

    Joanne Linden is President and Master Trainer at AdminUniverse™ as well as an authorized user and training facilitator for the Star Achievement Series® created by Joan Burge, founder and CEO, of Office Dynamics International. We are very privileged to call Joanne and AdminUniverse™ our friends!

    AdminUniverse™ offers a great blog for admins to pull extensive knowledge from.

    Be sure to visit their website!

    Visit AdminUniverse™




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    Office Dynamics Administrative Conference – Thursday Sessions 

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    Thursday began with The State of the Profession, live-streamed on Facebook Live, featuring Joan Burge, Debbie Gross, Lisa Olsen, and Julie Reed.

    Then the conference broke for the first set of four concurrent labs. Debbie Gross (Strategy) suggested administrative assistants to work at a higher level by using their Outlook calendar like their own personal admin to help keep them on track with the many projects to be managed. She said admins need to FOCUS more and observe “cones of silence” to get work done. She has a 3-point system for managing email: first pass. Second pass, Do (as in under two minutes). Third pass, Defer to tasks anything remaining that requires focus and project management.

    We broke for a networking lunch (amazing lunch – kudos to Office Dynamics!) and I chatted with several assistants, sharing best practices and solving issues (two areas admins excel in!). An example:  Chris from Denver suggested some ways I could solve my overgrown Outlook folders. Lunching with admins always turns to problem solving, lessons learned, interesting recent reading, and resources they harvest from experience, training, and hard work.

    Following that amazing lunch, we reconvened for a Star-Studded Panel featuring Joan Burge, Sherry Viering, Wende Morrow, and Julie Reed. The panel discussed excellence. Julie stated that “what I do today creates and shapes my tomorrow.” Another concept was to ‘lead up.” Power attracts. Exhibit influence and seek to inspire others – that is true excellence.

    Wende mentioned taking control of your career and steering your own ship. Joan mentioned a time in her career where things outside of work began to affect her on the job. She took the initiative to have a conversation with her manager, and it worked out well. “Everyone has a life outside those doors. It makes you, “you” so it’s important to stay true to who you are when you’re going through something.” The final concept was to not get derailed from your excellence journey.

    Judi Moreo closed out the day with a keynote, “Success by Design” which received two standing ovations. She urged the audience to stay true to their own North Star. “If something is not positive, or doesn’t help you toward your goal, let it go.” Her final comment brought everyone to their feet in applause: “Sometimes things go wrong in our lives to push us toward something else.”

    Next up: The Glam and Glitz Gala!

    Your Reporter in the Field

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    Office Dynamics Administrative Conference – Wednesday Sessions 

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    Following Joan’s remarks, the day rolled out with an array of fabulous speakers and the annual teambuilding event, one of Joan’s conference trademarks. Every year she and her team develop an exciting event to get people up and mingling, working together in collaboration and creativity – and this year was no exception!

    Everyone had received a constellation object on a card upon arrival. Imagine a beautiful large ballroom filled with 327 admins! The task was simple: find your 6 colleagues who held the same constellation card, using any means you wished. Once your entire team was assembled, creatively develop a team name that encompassed something related to all that group’s members. Then run up and ring the bell! Everyone was turned loose to work on the teambuilding project and it was amazing to see how the groups developed, finding their teammates using an array of methods stellar admins know how to employ.

    There is strength in unity, and smart teams know this and leverage it at work. The flipside, we learned, is to value diversity at the same time, because we also need each member’s talents and skills, life experiences and wisdom.

    Next up was Shasta Nelson, on “Replace Networking with Net-building: How to connect in meaningful ways”.

    Shasta is a friendship expert and has published two books. She explained that a healthy relationship is correctly defined as a relationship between two people who both feel seen in a safe and satisfying way.

    Relationships and support buffer our bodies against the stress in our lives. How do we close the intimacy gap? We need to change the environment in the workplace, which is where the bulk of our time is spent.  Pursue connection in your life,  set the tone as powerbrokers.

    Touching on addictive behaviors, she said, “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It’s connection.”

    One great takeaway tip was to minimize logistics planning with friends. When you’re wrapping up a coffee or lunch, take a moment to pre-set the next date to get together, and more likely you’ll both follow through on it.

    After a great lunch, the conference broke into the four hands-on labs:

    Brandi Britton discussed communicating with confidence. Takeaway tip: omit weak words (just, might, maybe) from your speech and substitute strong words that are definitive.

    Joan Burge discussed career portfolios and why every administrative should create one. The benefits are you will be perceived as being proactive, you’ll have a hard copy of your accomplishments, and it shows people what you are capable of doing.

    Julie Reid discussed the strength and power of your brand. The takeaway was if you find your WHY, you will find your WAY. WHY power allows you to make choices. WHY power instills you with a bigger hold on the bigger picture. Your WHY is yours.

    Johna Little spoke on creating professional goals to reach stardom. It may seem like some people are lucky, but in reality, anyone can achieve their dreams. There are specific steps necessary to reach that goal! Administrators can create a development plan,  writing down the goal and the actions needed to reach it – It’s a system that works!

    The day concluded with a breathtaking presentation by Jennifer Lier, who presented on “How to land the starring role in your life!” She described how she lost 100 pounds in 10 months at age 18, and went on to win first runner-up in Miss Nevada, then returning two years later to snag the state title and represent Nevada in the Miss America competition. She advised attendees to “show up, and stay the course.” She offered three points on getting where you want to go:

    1. Decide (Yes, that’s a necessary thing to do). When you decide, you cut off all other options.
    2. Show up, and say “Yes.” Open to opportunities that come your way!
    3. Stay the course. Never give up moving toward the direction you are headed.

    Jennifer challenged the group in closing, saying “the only thing stopping you is you and the limitations you put on yourself.” She said true success is learning how to love who you are, not who you aren’t.

    It was a great way to end the day.

    Your Reporter in the Field

    Sneak Peek: Thursday we’ll hear The State of the Profession, with Joan Burge, Julie Reed, Lisa Olsen and Debbie Gross.

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    Conference for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants – Opening Session 

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    October 24, 2018

    We enjoyed a fabulous breakfast buffet (so much food!) at TBones upscale restaurant. Large tables made for great breakfast conversation with admins from throughout the country and around the globe.

    I met Charlotte and Chris from Amarillo. Charlotte described getting approval to attend the conference and her manager’s enthusiastic approval. Angenette from Ohio won employee of the year for the entire school district (41 years of experience!), attending the ODI for the first time as an amazing opportunity in part from her award.  Donna from Maryland joined our table, another first-time attendee. We discussed the changing needs and requirements in the administrative profession.

    Being an admin means constantly growing and learning new technologies, new tools, new methodologies, and changing environments and demands. All while balancing ongoing work, building strategic partnerships, building relationships, and creating a personal brand.

    How can you continually ‘sharpen your saw’ to anticipate these shifting demands? We agreed it was quality training and continual development!

    The session opened with a visit and song by “Liza Minnelli” from Bette and Her Divine Divas on the Strip. “Liza” had a dream many years ago to impersonate the real LM, but there was a problem: she couldn’t carry a tune! She gave us four tips:

    1. Overcome odds.
    2. Never give up.
    3. Believe in yourself.
    4. Be yourself.

    After that energizing song, New York, New York (and she sounded just like the real Liza!) Joan Burge, CEO and founder of Office Dynamics International, took the stage.

    Joan chose the theme, The Stellar Assistant, because the assistants are the stars of the conference. Joan began 25 years ago with 16 people in a conference room in Lansing, Michigan. Today’s conference has 327 people from around the world!

    Joan went on to say that beginning in 1990, she asked her self why do some assistants standout and others do not? She discussed the four areas that Star performers execute and excel in: Attitude, Skill, Teamwork, and Strategy.

    Stellar assistants stand out because they maintain a positive attitude no matter what. They develop new skills and enhance current intangible skills. They build teamwork internally and externally, and set goals they work to achieve. They present a professional image and hone their personal brand continually.

    Why should you take your career to the next level? Are you bored in your job? No one will hand you a career on a silver platter. You build it yourself every day. You continue to polish yourself and your brand, taking it to the next level. Make your career what you want it to be.


    We need to be in a permanent Beta mode so we can continue to grow beyond our current selves.

    Joan advised us that interpersonal skills will trump tech skills every time. She added that we should study collaboration, which is different than teamwork.

    Today’s assistants need to do more than get the job done. They need to approach their brand will diligence and strategy, so they can build on the foundations of their profession and reach Stellar Assistant status.

    Your Reporter in the Field

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