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    Training For Adults Can Be Fun 


    “Laughter has been shown to increase our pain threshold, reduce blood-sugar levels, boost glucose tolerance and increase blood flow to vital organs.” If that is not enough reason to laugh and play, then how about because it’s fun and relieves stress? I was excited when I came across an article on the internet called Power Play: Getting Into Goofing Off. I loved it and it reminded that as we become adults, we forget or put aside this very important part of life. Sometimes we are so bogged down by work and personal circumstances that we stop laughing.

    Something I see often in my workshops is assistants that are “afraid” to be involved in creative learning exercises and have fun in class. Some attendees think it is “silly” when I instruct them to do certain activities or they have to depict a concept visually. What happens, though, when they get to the other side of that activity, is the participant is more creative; they contribute better ideas and dig deeper for answers. They feel relaxed by the end of the day instead of feeling information overload.

    When I was an executive assistant working at Coppertone in Memphis, TN, my executive was the Vice President of Marketing. He had some very intense presentations that he had to give twice a year to the big guys! My executive, Steve, was in his early 30’s and I was older than him and already 17 years into my executive assistant career. He was a very social person and loved walking around and managing by interacting with his product managers. On the other hand, I was more serious and stayed focused at my desk. He used to drive me crazy when a few weeks before these major presentations, when staff was stressed to the max, he would make us go to lunch! I thought, “Is he crazy? We can’t afford to take 90 minutes out of our day!”

    I now get it. I actually just took my staff for an off-site day of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The next day we came back to the office refreshed and excited. We buckled down to work and accomplished 50+ little details in 2 days in preparation for our big annual conference which is in September. Plus, we were so relaxed (even me), we spontaneously videotaped my new video series for executive and administrative assistants – 8 short videos! Wow! We were going to do that in late August.

    This week, look for every opportunity to have some play time. What do you enjoy? What makes you laugh? Who do you like to spend free time with? Who makes you laugh? Can you spend time with a child – even if it is a neighbor?

    I hope you enjoy this week!


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    Successfully Overcome Challenges 


    Determine to Succeed

    Attitudes are important to successfully overcome challenges. Right now, we have a lot of challenges facing us – the economy, companies downsizing, air travel stress, an election year on the horizon, and personal challenges. That is just life. We will always be presented with obstacles, uncertainty, and changing world events.

    Think about your challenges at work: a tough assignment, a difficult person, juggling multiple tasks and people, and learning new technologies. Your attitude about the situation will dramatically affect how you go through the situation.

    Strive for a positive attitude and use positive self-talk. Add to that: creative thinking, problem-solving, risk-taking, determination, commitment, being organized and taking action, and you will accomplish your goals.

    Here are 6 bonus strategies to embrace a positive attitude and succeed at life:

    1. Keep abreast of the economic changes taking place; they could affect your industry and job.
    2. Be a star performer at work. Companies do not want to lose their stars – or rising stars.
    3. Don’t get caught up in the negative grapevine at work.
    4. Remember, employees, don’t always know what is really going on with company changes.
    5. Stay positive. Come into work with a good attitude.
    6. Encourage co-workers to stay positive and focused.

    A quote I found years ago says, “Some succeed because they are destined to. However, most succeed because they are determined to.”

    Be determined this week to succeed when presented with a challenge. That is the only affirmation you need to live a fruitful week at work and at home!


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    We would love to hear from you. Have you used any of the above strategies? What are the ways you determine to succeed and how have they helped you? Share in the comments below.

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    Conference for Administrative Excellence – Gala Event 

    administrative_conferenceFollowing a full training day, we reconvened for the Glam and Glitz Gala. Since administrative professionals are usually the ones planning events, managing catering, speakers, binders, and AV/tech, it was wonderful to celebrate their learning achievements through a great event celebrating each of them as a stellar assistant!

    In the lobby, guests walked a red carpet between tall red pillars while overhead, a marquee announced Office Dynamics International’s 25th Conference for Administrative Excellence. Guests had an opportunity to take photos and leave a video message about their conference experience.

    Inside the ballroom, the meeting space had been magically transformed as only ODI can do, into a vintage Hollywood heyday event featuring Elvis, Michael, Marilyn (Monroe), Sonny & Cher, Peter Pan, Pocahontas, Mr. Mouse, Hans Solo and Princess Lea, and a cast of many others singing “Be Our Guest” near a huge lighted Hollywood sign!

    The percussion band featured Rodney, who was amazing. We danced, we sang along, we participated in fun moments like an acrobat leaping over three crouching administrators!

    We gathered at beautifully decorated tables in black, gold and red, to enjoy an awesome dinner!

    Each of the dance entertainers provided a solo experience, and probably ‘Michael’ was the favorite, receiving a standing ovation for his dancing and choreography.

    Next, a fabulous “True Lies Meets Bond” dance story featured the good guys battling the bad guys over the contents of a silver metallic briefcase. Luckily, (whew!) good triumphed over evil in the end: we watched “Bond” and his lady love walk into the sunset, rightful owners of the silver briefcase, harmony restored.

    The entire event, start to finish, was high-quality entertainment befitting an event to honor administrative professionals.

    ODI is renown for their annual Gala event featuring the highest-quality entertainment Las Vegas has to offer. We had a grand time networking and bonding, which enabled us to enjoy the new friends we’d made at the conference.

    If you want to check out videos of this year’s Gala event, look on Twitter for #adminconf and #stellarconf. You will be amazed!

    When YOU come to the conference, don’t miss the Gala event! It’s affirming, magical, high-quality, creative, innovative and rewards admins for their hard work, dedication to learning and achieving stellar status in their careers.

    Friday morning began with a networking breakfast. On this final day, after sharing 2.5 days of learning, collaboration, networking, relationship building, concurrent sessions, and hands-on learning labs, admins happily exchanged business cards and contact information as we prepared to close out the event.

    Attendee certificates were laid out for retrieval in the beautiful Success Store. The morning’s activities began with opening remarks by Joan Burge, CEO and founder of Office Dynamics International. She thanked everyone for coming and talked about the quality, dedication, perseverance and talent of the Gala performers, and how they, like admins, constantly honed their gift to keep learning and growing.

    We then broke for the second set of concurrent labs, a final opportunity not to be missed, to learn and gain information to build our toolboxes.

    The attendees returned to the main room for the final segment: turning to the 30-day planning tool at the back of our binders to record the biggest takeaways and goals to implement in the next month in each of the four areas of the conference theme: attitude, skill, teamwork, and strategy. Everyone diligently created an implementation plan to finalize their conference experience.

    With the writing completed, the notebooks were safely tucked away to carry back to 327 offices located around the globe, where they will be read and re-read, and referred to many times over the coming years.

    Another spectacular conference had concluded – the 25th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence – focusing on The Stellar Assistant. 

    As I headed to the airport, I wondered how many lives and careers changed as a result of attending this conference. Throughout the event, I watched admins step out to courageously be interviewed on camera. I saw admins connect with others to share best practices. I heard people ask for help on daunting issues and pesky questions that troubled them. I noticed how attendees reached beyond their borders to network with others from across the world – finding similarities in their work and dedication to excellence. (Hello to Canada, Palua, Brazil, Liberia, Bermuda, UK, Barbados! And the wonderful new friends I connected with from South Carolina, Canoga Park, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and Murray.)

    Thank you, Joan and your amazing team: Gina, Brian, Melia, Ernan, and Jill, for creating such an amazing, career-enhancing conference.

    Your Reporter in the Field


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    Conference For Administrative Excellence – Gala Event



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    Monday Motivator – Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It 

    Welcome to Halloween week. Halloween is such an interesting holiday and is becoming almost as popular as the other major holidays. The stores, boutique shops, and online businesses sell everything to decorate your home, prepare for parties, and offer all kinds of paraphernalia.

    For decades October has been the month of scary movies and costumes. People love to decorate their yard like graveyards and display spooky creatures and goblins. Do you remember when you were a kid how these things scared you at Halloween? Well, maybe not you—but they certainly scared me.

    Then when we get older, we look back and laugh at the things that scared us. If Halloween didn’t scare you, maybe other things did like going to the dentist or doctor. Or fear of interviewing for a new job or starting a new job.

    Fear can prevent you from progressing in your career and in your personal life. It prevents you from opening up to experiences which could be rewarding. It hampers your receptivity as an individual. It has a way of becoming a “monster” if you let it fester because the more you think about the thing you fear doing, the worse it seems. When fear stands in the way of you becoming all you can be, learn to make it work for you, not against you.

    There are times when F-E-A-R is nothing more than – False Evidence Appearing Real! We all have experienced it. Fear comes in different sizes and shapes, and has different faces. Recognize too that the things one person fears, you may not fear and vice versa. Be tolerant of others’ fears, because to them, the fear might be overwhelming.

    The big difference between people is that for some, fear paralyzes and for others fear becomes a personal challenge. It gets their adrenaline pumping. Every time you confront your fears, you become a stronger person. You prepare yourself for bigger and greater things to come. This isn’t to say that once you conquer a fear you will never again be afraid. It’s just that when you learn to deal with a fear and experience some success in taking it on, you will be more inclined to take on the next worrisome challenge and come out on top!

    7 Steps to Conquering Fear

    1. Identify your fears.
    2. Identify the real reasons behind #1. For example, most people have a fear of public speaking. But that really isn’t the fear. The real fear is people are afraid they will forget their material or be asked questions they can’t answer or equipment failure. List as many of the real fears as you can.
    3. Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen if I try what I fear?” Things usually seem worse than they are. You grow through learning and doing what you fear. Identify the worst possible outcome and think of a fallback plan should that occur.
    4. List steps you can take to overcome the fear. Be specific. Many times the only way to deal with fear is to do what you fear, provided it is not physically dangerous.
    5. Put opportunity first. What is the best thing that could happen if you conquered this fear?
    6. Be confident in your ability to handle new situations. Think about past events or situations that you handled successfully.
    7. Consider fear a challenge. By the way, you can feel fear and have courage at the same time.


    Wishing you a Happy Halloween!



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    Office Dynamics Administrative Conference – Thursday Sessions 

    Thursday began with The State of the Profession, live-streamed on Facebook Live, featuring Joan Burge, Debbie Gross, Lisa Olsen, and Julie Reed.

    Then the conference broke for the first set of four concurrent labs. Debbie Gross (Strategy) suggested administrative assistants to work at a higher level by using their Outlook calendar like their own personal admin to help keep them on track with the many projects to be managed. She said admins need to FOCUS more and observe “cones of silence” to get work done. She has a 3-point system for managing email: first pass. Second pass, Do (as in under two minutes). Third pass, Defer to tasks anything remaining that requires focus and project management.

    We broke for a networking lunch (amazing lunch – kudos to Office Dynamics!) and I chatted with several assistants, sharing best practices and solving issues (two areas admins excel in!). An example:  Chris from Denver suggested some ways I could solve my overgrown Outlook folders. Lunching with admins always turns to problem solving, lessons learned, interesting recent reading, and resources they harvest from experience, training, and hard work.

    Following that amazing lunch, we reconvened for a Star-Studded Panel featuring Joan Burge, Sherry Viering, Wende Morrow, and Julie Reed. The panel discussed excellence. Julie stated that “what I do today creates and shapes my tomorrow.” Another concept was to ‘lead up.” Power attracts. Exhibit influence and seek to inspire others – that is true excellence.

    Wende mentioned taking control of your career and steering your own ship. Joan mentioned a time in her career where things outside of work began to affect her on the job. She took the initiative to have a conversation with her manager, and it worked out well. “Everyone has a life outside those doors. It makes you, “you” so it’s important to stay true to who you are when you’re going through something.” The final concept was to not get derailed from your excellence journey.

    Judi Moreo closed out the day with a keynote, “Success by Design” which received two standing ovations. She urged the audience to stay true to their own North Star. “If something is not positive, or doesn’t help you toward your goal, let it go.” Her final comment brought everyone to their feet in applause: “Sometimes things go wrong in our lives to push us toward something else.”

    Next up: The Glam and Glitz Gala!

    Your Reporter in the Field

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